Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Stan on the woman who get courtside seats at Warrior and NBA games.

 As I described most are very attractive...I mean four in a row?- find that in real life woman over 40.

But it makes me think..that's all over the NBA.  Woman who look great on the arm.  You never see four obese woman in a front row,in a row. No matter how kind,loving,or giving they are of themselves.

 IF you did? Maybe some actually paid for the seats themselves. I bet none of those four MILFS had.

Theirs were given to them. Their looks have anything to do with it? It had everything to do with it.

You have to wonder how NBA managements never seem to award the best seats to -again- obese woman. Heck,I might add non blond too. Texas seems not to allow dark haired woman in the arena.

I always feel for the underdog..but non beauty queen woman are not like that,they could have discovered galaxies and medical cures. Yet,that trophy thing in pro sports..applies to real people,woman, as well as statues.