Monday, April 4, 2016

Thinking of Paul and his one legged former wife. And Devo.

You know instead of complaining that Sir Paul "Is old and likes to smoke weed" -like who doesn't know he's old and likes to smoke weed in this world?,his one legged wife should have just said that she wasn't up to the brilliance and pressure of being his wife. Instead,she outed herself as a gold digger. Really,she could have called him a saint and she might have gotten her money faster. Made no difference,she was going to be wealthy for life.

Devo's "Satisfaction" one of the best songs of the 70's that sounded 80's. I had to watch and listen the other day. Did you know that the dancer who spazzed with the dog collar on is still alive? He's not dead on heroin or the like.  Amazing..has done a lot of work over the decades. Here,you were sure he was by now a long dead junkie.
One funny thing...Devo minus two original members who have passed...still put on the yellow jumpers in concert- as you can see on YouTube. Only,those jumpers are not size 32 jumpers,but near 40 now.
I know that one.