Monday, April 4, 2016

Tim Lincecum calling it a career? I say why...

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago- Its like he's fallen off the face of the Earth. My guess? He's burned out on baseball.  I will even go as far as to say he turned down that 100 mill+ contract three years ago because HE KNEW,he was feeling like walking away..then that would go away....then it would come back..well,you get it. Plus- Lincecum is single. Cane could always use his family as an excuse to twist the Giant's org. for that big money..knowing his arm is not the same.

Lincecum just didn't need the Zito boo's. No need to take abuse.

I think he feels he paid his father back,did more than fulfill his fathers dreams too. There he was, Dad Lincecum talking pitching on KNBR for awhile there.

He might be in Acapulco right now.   I would if burned out on Baseball.