Saturday, April 30, 2016

Viki returns to KRON. Frat boy JR Stone out on Saturdays...Try KNTV @8.

Thank god for small favors. JR Stone is held to Sundays only.
No way KRON ratings are holding up with hacks like Stone and some newbys.

KRON's Mad Magazine approach to news..with reporters who only wear the same green shirt (  Now I think I know why she was canned at her previous job in the great PNW) has worn me  down. I can hardly watch anymore for the joy of what to post. They always give me something. But is it worth the insults to my intelligence? IS IT??? TELL ME!! lol...

 KRON...the enabler Main Anchor of the Sports Director...too much cronyism lumped on that...
Yuck,for KRON 4.

Watch KNTV. Its reliable.