Sunday, April 10, 2016

Warrior Greyhounds outlast Spur Rottweilers. Curry gets open and touchy with the ball.

He was channeling Pistol Pete Maravich in the mid thirdquarter to the end of the game...its a wonder he didn't roll the ball down court to an open man..or pass between the legs (I really miss that one) while RUNNING.  Anyway's Curry is great- I was all for drafting him when Kawakami and the local media did the "he's so skinny"..or - yuck,"We have Monta"..BS.
One thing that gets me? Even as Fitzgerald was naming the unsung heroes...he left out Mo!   Mo was huge!..he was not being pushed around..he shoots like a guard ever since he joined the Warriors.
 Kerr is one hell of a shooting coach.

C'mon Mo is not dung,he's unsung. Start singing Fitz.

And I want to see Curry running down the court and pass between the legs. Or the one where he pushes it between the legs of the guy guarding him..and runs around for a layup. A request.

PS, Do all the media read my blog of insights? Bob called Curry "A Wizard" after that terrific layup.
I rest my case.