Sunday, April 24, 2016

Warriors grind down Houston who falls apart...

I'm watching the game and Houston has dreams of winning...going on to beat the Warriors who have a trapped Curry..Then I put the Giants on for a while...come back and Houston is just standing there. Harden looks whipped...and the Warriors were cruising.
That's the difference between the good and the better teams. One just snaps in the head..and self destructs.

But we know one thing- the NBA is using the Stan defense on the Warriors and adding to that- hurt the guy too. I would have stuck to double teams and in his face...but Houston didn't mind if they hurt him. It got them one win when a sweep should have been easy for Golden State.

Kerr should have been all over the refs- a T or tossed out,the way the Rockets just blatantly grabbed and held Curry.  He just yelled that he did not agree.