Saturday, April 9, 2016

When Baseball embraces cliches? stupidity follows 100 pitches-LOL.

LOL is what conservative old timers would do with the idea of taking out a pitcher who's in his 20's and healthy and has a no -hitter in the 8th inning. Now? The modern conservative manager world over takes out every pitcher at 100 pitches.
Yeah,he had "Tommy John". So what? If he's healthy enough to start a MLB game and throw 100 pitches..its going to blow his arm with 115 ? LOL,lol. Its amazing to see baseball and sports so glued to dogma. It took decades to get that 100 pitch idea into managers head. Now? They act like its the word from God.
It was 100 pitches at ATT in April,at night. Pretty much cruising along,then Roberts came running out of the dugout like it was a medical emergency!.hee-hee-hee. What show he put on of concern.

Dave Roberts proved he is not a boat rocker. Just has rocks in his head.