Wednesday, April 20, 2016

You would have thought the first non white currency would have been an American Indian.

Not that beaten and sold and chained was easy might be better than being left out in the country to die of sickness with no help from modern civilization. Slaves? they might help. American Indian bodys lined the grasslands for decades. Just think,American Indians had to drink water contaminated by city excrement,and then die of dysentery.

Also,who got here first would be point no 2 for the American Indian. Should matter.

You know- its not like ALL people of color couldn't have replaced historical figures who it turns out did not do as much for their country and the world as those who came later. An Einstein nickel would be cool..with the flip side being Geronimo.
Carlos Santana silver dollar.

We still have schools named after Lord Alfred Tennyson. huh? To the victors go bragging rights and their version of history.