Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How long before Hershey drops KRON? Black Bear Diner and Lexus tell KRON adios.

And they left out the amigo part.

Tonight kron did NO intro to Radnich. He's really pissed people off. I wonder if KRON management wants Radnich to just leave? He's just an embarrassment,lowering ratings. His "Q" is down to "F" off.
If Radnich gets the hint from KRON there goes the bloated contract. I think Media General would like that.

Radnich- pushing it at 6:45.

Giving Steve Aveson, the "you're nobody in my life"..again in the guys 12th workday Estimate.
Set him up by pointing out Pamela Moore sent flowers to Radnich Mom. Using Mom for sympathy is normal for Raddy. So,of course Steve looks like the uncaring new guy.

Radnich,still on the crazy train. Just waiting for the REALLY big derailment.

P.S. Larry Kruger didn't send flowers either. He doesn't care.

Flannerry over top,no balance. I told you so about Posey.

First....."He sliced that ball to the off field, didn't try to pull it like he had with everything when he was slumping " said Mike Krukow about Posey. Who told you that weeks ago IN HIS SLUMP?..Me. Nobody else.

Now,that's the problem with Flannery -too close to the tree's to even see the bark. I just turn it down or change channel when he gushes. At first,ok..funny. Doing Bill Walton? funny too.  But when somebody for the Giants makes a bonehead play or two in one game?..nada. See? That's where homers lose me. No balance.

Why can't everyday be May 24th?

Lol,I cant let go. Its when heaven broke out and went viral. I'm already nostalgic,ready to watch "May 24th 2016" on VH1 rewinds.

Gaylord Perry won 21 games for the Giants in 1966. Paid $20,000 a year.

Hey,the Say Hey kids biggest year he made $165,000.   Gaylord took 15 years of MLB to reach that level.

Perry as  a rookie? $7grand. It went up to $9 grand when was winning games like gangbusters for the Giants 3 years later.

Now,the LeBrons and Tigers and Stephs are talking billions.

All because I cant jump high or run fast. But boy,do I have a jumpshot...

Why,I think Radnich has never ripped Mexicans...

I've heard him talk about his fathers fields and farm work enough to know that Radnich grew up seeing Mexicans doing the hardest work in those fields. Humble hard workers.

Jim Kozimor asks with insight,"Where are the Latino's in sitcoms?". Piercing. True.

When he ask Al Madrigal that question? Even Al didn't want to give a straight honest answer. He was worried about offending the Hollywood mafia. No,instead of pointing out the LA. is 50% Mexican American (More?),you only see them as criminals. Yeah,show the small ugly subculture and say "All are like that!" Hey,I do I blame Helter Skelter on light skin color? No,wait, Manson was trying to start a race war. Bad example. Uh,how about the civil war?....

 Amazing how they are invisible on tv even as extra's walking in the background.
Most Mexican Americans I know also speak English just fine and dandy. No accent even if they are fluent in Spanish. No  language barrier as far as I know. They just don't get hired.

I mean,even Al,when his Mexican roots was brought up...NOW..gets in his mother is Italian. Hmm,never use to bring that up. Something changed his mind when he got to the east coast.

Jim Kozimor...usually swamped in Corporate speak and their strict guidelines said something real. Gee,I almost think he lives in the bay area.

Give me some skin, Jim.

KRON kalls 11:00-11:10pm "The 11 0'clock news. Slap forehead with hand right about now.

How dumb is that? 10 minutes over the 10 O'clock news isn't 10 O'clock and 10 minutes says KRON. Its the 11 O'clock news they figure.
Who came up with the formula to re write time? I bet it was the KRON Kult.
So,you have to set your dvr to record for 10 and 11.

The next big thing at KRON one day? The 11-11:10 news will go until 11:30. Genius!

Things Gary Radnich wants to say to Darya Folsom.

"Will you wait until I'm finished talking, dammit Darya?"  "Let me finish a sentence, bitch!"

"Sucking up to you? Feels every morning like I'm in Folsom prison".

"You bang Aaron Pero once a month,I have to show up 8 times a day to KRON to get paid"

"My wife updates her look every now and then,whats your timetable? Every 30 years?"

"I wanted young Vanessa Balzac to plank for me. What do I get? You. Its the way things have been lately"...

Everybody a Warrior fan. That Bandwagon holding the whole bay area. Dogs too.

I was out shopping and all the kids were in Warrior gear at the low cost Supermarket Food Maxx. Brand new shiny blue hats and  T-shirts. Here I was only with my A's hat.
The parking lot full of little Nissans and economy cars with Warrior flags. Heck,might even have been a Datsun in there. Barrio Ghetto shopping u know. Where prices are lower..and the staff are worked to the bone tired. You pay double at Safeway,but the people there ask about the trip to the Bahama's..and "How bout them Warriors?".
Oh well,shop what's closest to my house (thank you Kate Scott) is what I do.

Joe Lacob..Penthouse..outhouse,back to a higher Penthouse.

He was looking bad bragging of the "smarter ways of doing things in G.S."..then the Warriors fell behind 3-1.
Woo- He might have learned a lesson. Its bad for sports teams to brag. Unlike Toyota or Ben and Jerry's..sports teams WILL have a bad season. Joe was almost stuck with a huge expensive piece of broken down junk Bentley. Now,he's back to quality.

Yahoo- yer right wing Internet Giant.

First it was  "The Globe" type stories of Alien Space ships landing on the sun- not kidding. Now,its bash Hillary,bash transgender...all the things that kids raised up to be computer kids were supposed to support. Instead,big business has filtered out the progressives and put in the go-backwards thinkers.
Its amazing to me how the "Money see's no color" hard line conservatives sure do see people color THEN,look for green.
They want to make all the money even if they have to bash the square peg through the round hole. Like they have always done it.

Radnich and Heenan havent cleared the air. What does that tell you ?

I haven't heard Radnich say "All fine between me and Cathy" He can't pull it off,can't even try to laugh it off.
He was caught...by the world.

btw- I dont think he and "Stevie" are going to go too long before another blow up.  His Cathy Heenan attack sort of gave him an excuse to tone it down. He's Radnich..he must get under co workers skin to be a big man. Make them look small on TV .  What a guy.

Well,except Darya. Mysterious he's never, EVER put HER down huh?  He needs her. So,he sucks every single morning.

Funny!.Kruger takes pot shot at me..."always cold"...

He's sitting next to the man who goes nuts if anybody whispers the name "Cathy Heenan!"...OY.
Slooooooowly he steps...inch by inch...lol

btw- Kruger? What he says? Goes into the stalker category. I told you. I haven't been wrong about knbr and Radnich and KRON yet.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Radnich intro? Anchors just nod heads in his direction-LOL. "Start sports boy"..lol..

Its bad at KRON. Steve and Viki just did a story,then turned and nodded to the disgraced Sports Director. Said nothing.
It took Grant Lodes to sort of point to Radnich ..

Raddy not looking respected. He better buy that second Bentley he (and Kruger) always talks about.

Radnich calling Steve "Stevie"....Steve comes back with how boring Raddy is...

It was all in a code I understand.  Radnich is a shallow,selfish man who only learned to punch harder if his best friend Cathy comes between him and a buck.
Media General allows it.

Then again, they allow self avowed ladies man- stud JR Stone to insult Miss Universe with a drunken lecherous question that she called him down on,LIVE ON AIR.  Then,you have the traffic reporter who assaulted the deeply pregnant weather woman.

Only at KRON.  Starring Gary Radnich,hated world over.

Warriors grind them down to the bare bone.

It was just OKC not being able to keep the pace. Start fast like rabbits...but they are too tall to sprint for 2 and a half hours. It got them winded.
One thing..the Warriors need to keep the ball away from Draymond late in the game..he gets manos de piedra. Hands of stone man.

Aghh!,I just got hit with a deja vu moment. I hate those.

Since I was a schoolkid,I've had them. I've learned to hate it. Not enjoyable.

I read that scientists can prove its just a mind and memory wiring gone a bit fritzed.  Because..when they ask the people the NEXT DAY what the deja vu memory was? They can't remember!.

So,I take those feelings caused by..some trigger I still don't know what..as just bothersome. I gave up the multiple dimensions/previous life and reincarnation theory's.

Or,maybe I shouldn't?

Tough guys cars getting louder,their dogs getting smaller.

I can hardly keep up with what's the fad for insecure young guys. None of them like sports strangely enough. Never see a woman with them either. I guess loud engines are their de facto girlfriends?

When you call into the Radnich show? Yell "Jimmy Fallon!" or "Megyan Kelley"..or "The View!".or "BIZARRE!"

I'm sure a jokester like Radnich will laugh and say "Oops! did I step in it or what?"

Cathy Heenan and me.

Do you remember when she friended me on Facebook? I posted that. Do you also remember after I posted that he went one air that day or so and told the TV viewers that "Something came between us" he and Cathy.
Add one plus one.
I posted that because it seemed strangely true that she was on his shit list for that day.

Saying its his shtick is like saying its ok that after he tells a friend a joke,he plunges a knife into them. Hey,forgive it because he's done that for decades...

The rest of us would have to sit in jail.

I dedicate this song to Gary Radnich.

 Wooly Bully. For the bully in all of us..he just has more then enough.

btw,Did you all know Sam is Mexican American?

Can the Warriors lose tonight?

Its almost inconceivable. But I cant stop conceiving it COULD happen. I think it would be one of the worst losses in bay area sports history. Maybe worse then some Super Bowl losses.
Because this comeback seems so slam dunk. I'm SURE the Warriors will win.

 That's a sickening feeling to swallow if they don't.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Will Gary Radnich EVER say "Cathy Heenan" again? I doubt it.

She is still taking compliments for her classy way of handling Radnich on her Facebook Page. Again,she also has not given him a free pass still. So,I thinks she is still steamed. Alright Cathy.

My point? He's just going to carry a grudge with her after all these years. Would be like him. Exactly like him.

What happened to the "Uncle Van's and Dave's" of local news?

I know Radnich felt he was heir to the long term "trustworthy" anchor. Before him Pete Wilson thought he was until Pete got his radio show,then revealed himself to be a right wingnut "Gay Marriage will ruin America". You were proved wrong Pete.

So,there is no real heir. Dan Ashley?..eh. Ken Bastida had a good chance,but KPIX moved him in and out of view. Out of sight,out of mind too often with Ken.

Van Amburg and Dave McElhatton from the 60's - 80's. Yet to be equaled.

Slooooowly I step,inch by inch.. In the Summertime. Laffs for 5 year olds.

I tried what I grew up on.  "Did you say Mergatroy? ( she didnt,I did) Slooowly I step"...etc.  Then the chase was on. Killed as a joke even to this day for the newest generation.
I also played Mungo Jerry on YouTube.   A new Mungo Jerry fan in 2016 for the 1970 song.

Getting older is being your parents. Soon,I'm dropping Fibber McGee's closet on her. Or a Heavens to Betsy...or You stink so?   Winners,all!

Wow,great weather and Gary Radnich spanked by the World. Can life get any better?

I'm going to buy lotto tickets. What else tops Jimmy Fallon,Megyn Kelley and The View ripping Radnich?..Big money!

Ha! Hugo the Brazilian wasnt going to win today..

You see where he was taken out? NO accident to my eyes. An American was going to win the 100th. If you ain't cheat'in you ain't American!

Jimmy Fallon puts down Gary Radnich...

Its on the net that the Tonight Show had king ass and Cathy Heenan clip.  I will try to find it later. Must have been Hi-Larious. I'm sure I will laugh.
" The Talk"  ground up Gary also...darn I missed that one.

Radnich,just hiding in his steam room with his hands over his ears.

darn,Hulu is subscriber only.

When repeats happen..

Can Hackers control the Indy 500? NASCAR?

Since computers are telling the cars what to do..who's to say the mob cant fix races by slowing up somebody they don't want to win?
Nobody would know.

KRON needs to change times for DVR's.

Mine still shuts off at 11pm.  I miss the last ten minutes when..Steve and Pamela have voice intercourse?..My machine shows them at 11:01 standing next to each other..as soon as a mouth opens? My machine cuts them off.
THAT is on KRON or Comcast? I do not know for sure. Somebody slow to get things done.

Fun is reading the OKC paper/online after a loss.

You know what I've been telling you about Durant choking? He was getting it big time from the local writers over there. How many missed shots and the final quarter. At least this time he didn't fall on his ass.
Westbrook was equal to the fade. Missing 2 outa 3 free throws in the clutch...turnovers. It was he and Durant feeling the pressure big time.
Anyways for fun,read the abject misery running through the fans and OKC.

Warriors "do" old Warriors. The return of Golden State.

NOW,that's what I'm talk'in about. Comeback,grind them down,.CLUTCH shooting by Curry,choking by Durant.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Now even the British KNOW Gary Radnich is a bizarre egotistical man.

You've got to really be out there nutso to get the British to rip you a new hole:

Warriors grind them down,death by a thousand paper cuts...

Like the Chinese water torture too. It was, see if OKC could hold up a 5 pound weight with out stretched hands...for 3 hours.
The Warrior way. Not win big. Just win.

Shawn Livingston? His family must be held hostage by Russian mobsters. He airball's layups.

OKC is toast. They know they can't win now. Once the Warriors get a good lead...OKC will checkout.

I predict: Steve Avison to write the whole Gary Radnich story...

You know how upset Raddy got that Steve was documenting those kids on the sports segment? Steve ain't dumb,he though might be dumbfounded at the KRON situation and senses a dynamite book in the making. SO many story's for Steve to learn,to write down,make notes of.
The Radnich-Heenan fiasco is already equal to KTVU's  pilot Ker Plunk episode,heck I think its equaled the A's 20 win streak. They made a movie about that.
Steve see's a NY Times best seller....

Russell Westbrook plucks his eyebrows.

Looks like it. He's famous also for " I wear an outfit only once".  He's not feeding starving kids around the world I take it?

We can't let an eyebrow plucker beat us can we??

KRON uptight,but not outtasight.

You know,Pamela says almost nothing to Steve,I haven't heard her even address him as "Steve". I guess the whole Diane Tuazon karma is still at work and amped up over the national embarrassment known as Gary Radnich.
Those Radnich promos "Best in bay area"  "I'm a ten!" ?..have been dropped for now..and little advanced mention of the KRON4 sports segments.

btw...Steve got a little touchy feely with Pamela...she didn't flinch.  Radnich had to see that and do a slow burn.

Custer only got one last stand,the Warriors two,maybe three.

The odds are pretty bad for the Warriors. Lose is one thing,but scalped is a really bad way to lose.

Claudine Wong does stick in mud story....again.

Carnaval.  Every time I've seen the Today Show do Carnaval? Meredith or Savanah or Tamara would dress up in a happy costume, do a leg kick or two,a pirouette.

Claudine stayed glued to her chair and gave a verbal report. Dull.

Why is she on weekends if she wants to be so repressed,so conservative she wont even as much  as wear the colorful headdress with feathers?

At least send Rosemary who no doubt would make it a fun story..a Saturday type story.

I don't get why Claudine even does weekends.  She wants to do fun and make it into a historical narrative. Dull,man.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Radnich miffed at Steve Aveson's filming a segment. "For your worked in all 50 states?" film.

Something like that. Gave him the stink eye at the same time. Those two will have many entanglements to come. Read my early May post "I hear ticking sounds at KRON" I wrote. Then,blam-o!!...Cathy and Steve and all hell broke loose.
Stan,right again.

As far as today? I think Radnich knows that he and those kids were coming across as pure BS  phony baloney PR to repair his rep. His paranoia was that Aveson would use Raddy and those kids as some joke in the future. I hope so.

Cathy Heenan thanks the public for their support! Huffington Post.

She wasn't saying it's all a mistake. Its her first chance to let Radnich know she's never liked his putdown-of her especially- humor.

If Al Madrigal knew what's what in the bay area? He wouldn't come close to D.Bruce.

I guess Al never heard Damon go into his racial Mexican accent and say "Ooooh,mon, Radurs forevah essa".  And his regular laughs at Latino PBP.
My very short list.


The nationally famous lead anchor for FOX news..

You might have to look for the written rip. I'm just impressed she noticed the boor.

Radnich loves Fox news so I'm sure he agree's with her.

Curry's pain a repeat of Bogut's cracked foot episode. Warrior M.O.

Remember when Bob Meyers swore Bogut was near fine? Then days later admitted he fibbed to the media?
I knew he was.
I think the Warrior way is at work with Curry...he's slow all game but in bursts. When his shot is blocked? He's not getting the push-off.
Lets hope he has enough to get by OKC. I am not betting on it.

KNTV Kris Sanchez in slinky white dress. Looking GOOD.

THATS being a pro. No mom's friends canasta party attire.
You only look good once in a quarter- half lifetime..after that is forever of not good....

Scotty McGrew said something about "But,Captain,the engines can't handle that much power!"  Well,he probably thought that....

CBS news on "Bizzare Sportscasters rant"

A word I have used often to describe him. CBS news and Stan agree.

Radnich also reported that local Asian sportscaster Sockyball Outahere was at ATT park,while Asian  beatwriter Slamdunky Underallson was doing "a great job" covering the Warriors. He once stayed with Raddy's mom.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I think Britteny Shipp does want out at KRON. Pamela Moore too.

I do. I get the vibe that Moore no longer wants the KRONology. But,she has nowhere to go..so I'm not saying she will ever leave. I'm saying she wishes she could.
Shipp is the one who can leave. Its just not believable that she wants to be part of a news team terrorized by an egotistical and vain Sports Director.
What goes on at KRON? Psychological stress in the workplace. It ain't hidden behind the backdoor..its in everybody's face.

Jackass Radnich thinks he's sooooo smoooth and cool. He's just a bloated head on flab.

His smarmy attitude reeked...his phony king of the rat pack of the basement of media at KRON was oozing its stank.
Or, he IS Steve Aveson's long lost buddy. uh,Yeah.

Not feeling good about tonights game. Then,2 more to go? whew.

Remember when the Warriors would regularly wipe out a 20 point deficit and win- going away?

Its been replaced by..get too far down and they are out.

Its all my fault. You can do the stats. My post on how to defend the Warriors...get in Curry's face 24/7,ferget Barnes shooting/Bogut tires if you go right at him?...I bet the Warriors production since then went down 25% easy.
I cannot contain my genius.

Cathy Lee and Hoda NEVER do beauty makeovers of Asian woman. Mostly blonds show after show..

I caught the very end of that NBC show,and tomorrows makeover? 3 good to one great looking young blonds all.
That Stacy and the the Gay guy never seem to find Asian Woman and their Husbands to do couples makeovers.
No Asians in NYC?

Come to think of it..none of those TLC shows seem to find Asian Woman,very,very, few African American woman and Latina's.
Asian men,might be least of all.

Ah,just a coincidence that its like that for every fashion program year after year. I'm so paranoid.

Is this the last Warrior game of the year?

They never lost two games in a row. Papa promised they would win. They lost.
Tonight could be the first time this year they lose three games in a row.

Curry is ailing. I would believe he's hurt before I would believe he's a quitter jogging around shooting 2 for 10.

Dan Ashley..dang, almost Danielle Ashley with all that botox.

Maybe it was ch20's not so great HD...but Monday he and Alma looked like two people with smooth skin. Alma has youth to explain it.
Has he had a face lift? The corner of his eyes..go up. Isn't that new?

Oh well. He's in the bizz of youth and beauty= pays bills.

Larry Biel still old school.

Ken Bastida? a good close shave is good enough for him.

Have you talked to a 5 year old lately? Loads of fun.

Oh man,you can release your inner fantasy world...they just talk and talk and talk nonsense...and you just say, yes..,uhuh...,oh?.. and "I didn't know that"
Then its Rhinoceroo'ces eating lemon pie. Oh,they like pie? you ask. Like listening to the Beatles on an acid trip.

And chasing,hide and seek.... Huge laughs.
Big eyes and smiles when you teach them stuff like..how to clean yer eyeglasses with "magic breath". I'm a wizard.
Watering the back yard with a hose..and make water loops?..I'm King of Fantastic to them.

But the things they say..

The world needs more 5 year olds.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gary Radnich digs his "I'm an ass" hole even deeper....

His curt and cute and vain answer to what he caused just more proof of the arrogant fool he is.

Nobody watching the 6:45 or any other of his segments of late see anything of a real man in the guy.

I wouldn't doubt for one second that behind the lines,he's had Cathy Heenan beg Media General on his behalf.

Radnich laughable "I dont go to games because of my young children" is more proof of the weasel he is.

It also proves to Steve Aveson what Steve has read here. That Gary Radnich is a habitual and sociopath liar.

One last. Radnich has now sank to making a 19 year old intern look like a stooge.  Sank low.

Radnich tells Pamela Moore "We go down together"...she did not agree.

That weasel yesterday said that on KRON news. I don't remember what she said exactly in return..but it was no "I agree" in any way.
Hiding behind her skirt and trying to make it sound like she's part of his problem. King Weasel Radnich.

How fast things have changed. Radnich goes cold on "pub". The bully in denial.

I heard him brag two days ago about that vid going around the world. Now? The world seeing him as an arrogant petulant woman bullier has changed his mind. He's falling back on what I've seen him do many times...pretend it doesn't exist and he never heard a thing!

HEY,now Raddy can do commercials for Bozo's Pizza..wear a clown costume.  Bozo is his neighbor he will claim. 

Radnich reamed by the whole country. I was right. btw, Does sports straight and out...

He just did his sports..no babble,no glazed look,although he did try to get a zing in to Steve at one point about how the two can trade B.S.. The next show,he just did pure sports,no chit chat.

I know it wont last. I know that even though Aveson went along last night,taking the zing and not returning one- the only way Radnich likes it- Aveson with his history wont be doing that day after day..If he has to take them? He's going to get in his one liners with a bite every now and then in return.

btw Britteney? It sounded like when you said it was quiet on the set you could hear (Stan) me yelling? Funny too..I sure know what you mean.
wow,My first mention on TV.  I did hear a Raider drop my name once on radio.

Moving on up...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kerr does poor job getting on Warriors. Just sits and looks glum. I am not impressed.

Walton did a better job. Hell,so did Mark Jackson when it came to keeping this team competitive every game.
Kerr is fine when things are fine. But he isn't a fiery type when the team needs it.

After the Warriors cut the lead to 3...Kerr made all the wrong moves. OKC  lead back to 20+.

The Warriors Klay Thompson,red hot....Kerr took him out of the game. Just pure stupid on Kerr's part.
His reason? Klay threw 99 pitches...you know? That whole baseball analogy.


What the hell kind of company asks the offender if he agrees to a penalty?  Media General might as well turn in their cajones.

Radnich: I will go down fighting. HE'S THE VICTIM!..Ass to a higher level of asshole.

That's his attitude. HE'S THE VICTIM.  Fucking asshole. He would stand on Cathy Heenan's corpse with no shame.

Gary Radnich the vain small man ..offers no apology to Cathy Heenan.

I knew he never would- have I ever steered you wrong about that guy?  His, I mean it/I'm joking attitude that he uses to get out of any trouble. Mr.Play both sides.
I know his whole bag of dishonest tricks. He's a dishonest greedy person.

Heenan has not denied on air Radnich was over the line. Interesting.

She has not gone on air to defend him. THAT speaks volumes about Radnich.

RADNICH ASKED TO APOLOGIZE...ON AIR...lol. Oh,thats giving it to him.

He said he will not apologize. If you read my previous post I made it clear..nothing changes him. NOTHING.
Media General wants only a slap on the wrist...Radnich doing all he can to not even offer an apology.

I see no long lasting peace between Aveson and Radnich.

Radnich is so intent on his self worth being that he's big dog at KRON? He sucks up to Darya and then unleashes on the rest of KRON peeps.
The backlash on Radnich? He will ride it out...nothing changes him. I've seen him do sincere peace with a local blogger....2 days later he ripped the guy for accepting "I tossed him a bone and he was happy". Yikes,a real sociopath.

Gary Radnich now down to "Any publicity is good publicity"..he's a regular O.J.

He as I have said...has no shame. He always twists his narcissistic boorish world into "Follow me to the bank"...Sort of like the Nazi's used " I was just following orders" to sleep well.

Gary Radnich whined "You had a party when I wasn't here"..twice.

What I wrote about peace at KRON when the big fat canary is gone? He complained about that.  He really gets jealous if Pamela likes anybody...first he steamed over her laughing at a joke Diane Tuazon made. Called Pamela "a phony"....then a few months later was steamed at Moore for talking to Shipp "4rth tier level anchor is all you've been"....and now he's out there with the rest of the panel-lol.
He's so angry nutso. Hates even Pamela.  Her? feels sorry for his kids no doubt-yeah,I know. So takes his shit no matter how demeaning. Plus, it keeps her employed....

Monday, May 23, 2016

Yahoo after the Warriors tanked? Rod Brooks..paid by the Warriors!

You would have thought it might be Lowell Cohn and or Ray Ratto. To at least give some semblance of real  analysis.
Rod Brooks. And mild mannered Phil of Yahoo.

Yahoo Talk Sports is really Yahoo Hacks talk Sports.

Let me guess. KRON has Monday pow wow. It got heated.

Hot enough and not enough to Steve Aveson's benefit that he either has left or they did the "Take the day off Steve". Not good at the madhouse known as KRON.  Where hitting a pregnant woman is sanctioned.
Brittney's taking the day off is no coincidence. Almost as bad as your brand new anchor taking a day off on day 6 of his KRON career.
Radnich really is baby Huey,the 600 pound spoiled Canary. With him,getting older means being even more infantile and selfish.

Diane Tuazon
Vanessa Balzac
Michelle Apon
Kate Scott
The Greenberg news guy
Dave Spahr
Britteny Shipp
Steve Aveson.
All in less then two years.

All of whom hate Gary Radnich..or just think he's loony and want no part of him.

Darya defends Radnich? Why not? He only kisses her ass.

Why would she not "get his humor"? He doesn't use it on her. She's the partner of Aaron Pero at KRON as we all know.
I've heard them enough to know,Radnich just sucks up to her big time. "You've got talent,nobody like you".  Although knowing that Radnich truly admires only himself I'm sure the platitudes also are double entendre for her "sucking" talents to Pero.

Posey hitting down to 268. Leaves them on base is his motto.

He's not clutch at all.  I mean..just looks lost. No command of the batters box. Meek.

I wonder what his personal life is at?  Divorcing? Because this is like Pablo's worst year as a Giant. His marriage broke up.
Ask Posey for me.

National media hates Gary Radnich...BASG says nothing.

Who reads basg anymore?  Why would you read a guy who sold out deep and hard? Whats the point of his blog?  free money for brown nosing all the local teams and sports stations? plus Yahoo.

Jason Barret blasts Radnich "She didnt think it was a joke"..

The former 95.7 GM. took a swipe at Radnich version.  Who believes Radnich? Not even his mom.

What have I told you about Radnich? Stan ..100% right about the big jerk.

All I have written..it took KRON to hire outsiders...but Radnich twisted side came out in full force and I was validated,vindicated,proven right.

And Radnich act? his "schtick" ? unlike Rickles..Radnich does hate. He hates Asians,poor people,Democrats,environmentalists. Woman.


Did she take an off day in protest of Gary Radnich being an ass? Of sympathy for Steve Aveson?..I think so.

STEVE AVESON MIA!!!!...already quit?

Remember a few years ago KRON hired a new weatherman...he worked one or two days for KRON and then resigned. It was before social media was big..around 2007? more or less.

The 6 pm KRON news today...Lodes and Moore.

Radnich vs Heenan pt2.

She does roll her eyes as if "here we go getting told off"...and Even live I thought Radnich took a strange turn on the bit by mentioning that "Cathy Heenan has stayed overnight with my mom" Sounded weird even for Radnich.
Woo..post the other day's vid of Radnich telling Aveson "When you were at your fancy Ivy League school,I was in the fields of San Jose"..that has much anachronism in it being Radnich is a good 15 years older then Aveson.
Oh well. That's week one.  I cant wait for tonight.

Correction? Lund not in.

Okay,it was JD I heard. Bad year for Papa..first the wife and then the stooge.

I must have forgot this is the last week of Lund? Where are my priority's?

Why didnt KRON tell Steve Avison how bizarre Gary Radnich is in his old age?

You would have thought they would have warned the new guy. Or have sent him tapes of Radnich going off. Fair warning for Steve.
It sounds like he had no idea Radnich is a demented sports shock jock.

95.7? Awkward is the word. "The Greg Papa Show"..while yes,Lund is still there.

The show is just simmering on awkward. No energy as Lund waits to go to KNBR and try and put Papa and the Game out of business like any competitor worth a damn would do.

I guess Lund about now is nothing but free Tom Tolbert advertising for another month on the Game. Crazy.

No Scotty McGrew on KNBR? Bud somebody with "Business and Tech reports"

I can hardly keep up with the shuffling around at KNBR.
I guess,they low balled Scott..and he walked.

Draymond's cancer-on-the-team, reappears.

I warned you. He's not that great he can go rogue. If he's going to give up so early like he did yesterday,the Warriors have to think back to Monta Ellis...its getting like that.
The Warriors are only down 2 to 1. But they were just baaaaaaad. Stunk to high heaven.

Radnich milking Heenan video for sympathy. Not mentioning his Steve and Diane and Kate....

Oh,I'm soooo misunderstood,poor me.   Radnich has a ton of hard feelings he created,now falling back on "I was just playing" with Cathy.
He also is claiming he never holds what people say as a grudge LOL. Him? He's King of Never Forget and let them know it!

Of course brown nose medalist Joe Hues forgets Kate and Dibley..that was all a fantasy!  Does Joe have any self respect?

Radnich..who sounds a bit cowed because of his out of control behavior on KRON must have been told by management - settle down with the new guy or else. Hence,he's beating the Heenan thing as "An example" of why he's not an ass. Actually if that's his best example? Then he's beyond help.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Warriors pitiful effort...or no effort.

Kerr sure didn't kick anything into the team tonight. I mean they fell..he never did a thing to pick them up.
The team? Didn't- once again- guard the hot hand let alone double team them. Kerr just goes on cruise control.
One NBA title,one fantastic regular season..what kind of team just stops?

Bogut? Who did he stop? What did he do?  Green couldn't make a layup. Barnes was worthless. Curry sure didn't step up today.

Carny Lansford should be a MLB Manager. Just a waste of talent.

Its like he's Bill Walsh or even Jim Harbaugh..just languishing far below his level,not being given a shot at the big time. Walsh and Harbaugh got there's..so why is Lansford passed over for the schmucks being hired all over Baseball?
Yeah,I know he a conservative Republican. I forgive since it doesn't mean anything to me if he wins. Melvin makes a hell of a lot of mistakes..far better then Gerin ever was,but I think Lansford would be a jump up yet to another level.
But I'm just the guy who predicted the results of a Cespedes trade and predicted Beane was going to be creative at not being GM anymore. EVERYBODY knew the Donaldson trade was horribly wrong. That one I share.

Carny needs to be let loose.

Melvin: Because we are manly men,we don't pitch around Beltran..and we lose like Manly men too.

He didn't say that..but wanted to.

Gary Radnich angry at Cathy Heenan?

I see where last months kron news where it looks like Radnich went off on Heenan is circulating on the web.
 I saw that live. I didn't think too much of it as it seemed shtick,a bit,an act.

But seeing it a few times now..SHE didn't seem to think it was a bit did she?..no laughing,no "I promise to never do that again" with smiles.

Heenan also since then has been scarce. KRON added Lodes and Waldmann (hubbie and wife in real life) with Cathy Heenan nowhere that I've seen.

I would expect kron and Media General to step in now.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Posey batting a very low RISP.

He's not knocking in anybody. Worse? He doesn't even move the guys up a base. At least do that.

I predict a big Monday pow wow at KRON.

I would be shocked if it was business as usual Monday.  The new guy hasn't unpacked his suitcase..and Radnich was fuming already.
If that's the first week,the future looks bleak for somebody.

Now,with the Cult of Kron in full force,maybe they do pretend they saw none of last week. What a mistake that would be.

Also- Friday ,Gary Radnich pulled the who's on my side,and who's on  Steve's side about recording games. Pamela never looked Steve's way. Lodes did side with Aveson.

Pamela I think is just not happy to be co anchoring,not so much at Steve. I could be wrong..she's been enabling Radnich and now somebody who won't is co anchor. The Cult's old guard is shaky.

Yet,I think its too soon for Pamela to be off putting with Steve Aveson. Its the change.

Still,the underlying problem? A very cushy situation for Radnich can never be cushy enough...stir until the new people hate him....and go back to my other posts...

Jackie Bennet inspired to leave asap,Diane Tuazon,Brian Manservant,Vanessa Balzac, and a Brittney looking to Shipp out asap...thats a lot of work to find and hire talent to see them just leave.


Friday fireworks! Radnich steaming angry at new anchor!

I said sooner or later it would happen..but from the new guys start on Monday,the tension started on Wednesday...to out in the open and Radnich steaming mad..almost shaking and so angry he had to compose to talk? Faster then I thought. "You can watch as Steve and I go at each other" said the head down gritting his teeth, sports anchor.
Whatever it was that got to him, must have been part of KRON trying to get old man Radnich to get more mainstream...at 6:45 be a little gonzo...but the other newscasts- stick to sports. He complained that the "consultant" advised it. He hates the consultant whoever he is.

He,I can see,also hates being made back into a sportscaster.

Steve Aveson? bingo!..I was right again. Just not made to be a Radnich accessory. The two also were going back and forth on who likes sports enough to record games they can't see live. Aveson called the Sports Director down on why he wont watch games recorded,if he is also not going to go to the games? More of that had to have been off air calling down..as Raddy was worked up. I mean he really was hyperventilating.
He might one day just walk off that podium and just rip like no other on air rip ever done. YouTube,get ready.

This is the problem as I see it. Radnich feels he's now entitled to own KRON. HE should hire and promote,he should get every perk in the world. But,the world and Media General see him as Radnich who does sports. Nothing more.

Raddy has anger management issues.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Ay,my god. I hurt Radnich feelings.

Usually he hides the fact he's devoted to my blog. But I got it with what he said tonight.  Look,I know sooner or later,you will turn on Steve. He only has to tell you  "no" when you want "yes".
Tonight? It must have been something I said.


 Bentley? Prince ashes in a purple vase. Yours in the cup holder of yer Bentley. You won.

But if he's going to act like I hurt his feelings? No fun doing this...I need pompous ass to kick.

Spent hundreds to attend tonights SF game? Risked life and limb driving? thank Peavey for ending the game in the 2nd.

Its like having paid a fortune to a big fight..and yer guy is knocked out in the first round while you were handing the kids their soda's. It be over.
From 8pm to 10:00 or 10thirty,yer just freezing watching the Giants go down. The finality of it all.

I love when KRON gets weird. TV worth watching.

Some observations: Pamela Moore is not happy.  She's not freezing Steve to the point that Radnich did to Diane Tuazon...but she's not asking Steve anything,not laughing with any "That's so funny Steve"..nah,just workman like.
As I predicted...she's sort of odd woman out at the sports talks...Radnich pretty much is now looking for Steve.
Steve today gave a flowery greeting to Radnich wife Alicia...and it was like they all might as well have yelled "bullshit!"..lol.  Either Alicia's mic was off..or she said nothing.  The director must have been asleep..because after Steve's perfume greeting...the camera just stayed on him. Oh.

I mean when people laugh when you are trying to be sincere? Its egg on yer face time.

Now Radnich can't pick on Pamela Moore. The new guy will not allow that.

When Radnich is in a bi polar mood...and needs to vent on Pamela,on air?  Well,that's ending, Radnich will NEVER go nuts like he did last month and start telling her she's the fourth anchor best in the bay area. You watch- with a man on the set..he wont.
This,is going to be fun.  This new guy isn't Manservant,or Lodes.

Stock up: Kate Cagle.

I believe whatever she tells me.
I hope she doesn't say bad things about me.

Gary Radnich a masochist.

He has to be. For somebody to say they root for the Dodgers,pick on woman in the media. To be caught by Herb Caen -a few times- cruising for God knows what in the Tenderloin...he needs to be hated.
You hear how he's compulsive to read hate email and text? He can't stop. "Spank me Daddy" is behind it.
He already is testing waters at KRON to see how far he can push the new guy. Radnich who hates people who call Tim Lincecum Timmy,calls the new anchor Steve Aveson, "Stevie".

He wants to stir shit wherever he goes for all the wrong reasons..not to better a show. But to make people hate him. He rolls around in the hate.

Its why he wont go to games-too much hate,he doesn't want to be attacked. No live reports for him.

btw..I'm SURE Aveson is seeing things more and more my way as the days go by.

You know Radnich had it made years ago.  Watch old youtube...he's different. Normal. Calm. Something changed him into the guy who will say he roots for the Dodgers OR, Peyton Manning,Brett Fahr,Tom Brady are better then Joe Montana.
Man, in the SF bay area you are just wallowing in hate and hurt to say those things. Somebody with half the brains of an imbecile would never say those things here.

He's really changed...like somebody who broke down and came back to never be the same.

Gary Radnich laughable excuse for now doing commercials.

"Because they are my neighbors" LOL.  At least Kruger asked him "Whats next, Depends?"..LOL.

By the way- that company probably is a loan shark mortgage now. Its why they want him.  Him? MONEY!..sell out just as he said he NEVER would.
Radnich..rounding third....

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Radnich doing commercials. He said he never would for years.

Did kron cut his pay to add Steve? Because Radnich is selling some garbage product on radio.

Gee,he always said he would never do that.  Just like he used to say losers tweet.

Well,I guess he must really need the money.

Radnich warns Aveson "Dont call my bluff"..and "Stevie" better listen. Steve: We work while you drive the Bently.

The "Who's big dog, war" has begun.  Radnich already putting down Aveson for being friendly with Demo Oakland mayor Libby Schaff...who is sexy too.
Radnich..I WILL speak for Pamela. He embarrasses her when he pulls the " I was there in 82" on her.
Her answer of "That was long ago " is code for " I wont take you're side when you are wrong". He didn't take it well.
The zing of "We work while you drive" to Radnich from Aveson,I interpret as " The stooging is over. Its another era". Really,how many new talents will KRON lose because of Radnich? I think management is tired of that. Tiazon,Manservant,Shipp who is wary as of now..Plus Kate Scott at knbr.

Steal a car,smash into cars,dont get out..and try ramming police cars. FUN!

If the police cant shoot at you after all that?..I'm going to start the SF steal and run cars Inc.

Like she was at a picnic they will protest.

Shoot punks, thieves,criminals!

Bullshit PR for Mark Davis "He's a millionare in a league of billionaires"...baloney.

The Oakland Raiders ORG is worth at least a billion $. Mark Davis owns the team.  Also point number two that sports writers dont bring up. Mark Davis pays nothing for the maintenance of the Colosseum. Nothing.  He's now playing with house money,the car is paid for Ma.
Point three they never bring up.  Mark Davis has never denied he can get financing for a stadium. He also as the builder owner keeps all the profits. I don't see Jed whining about his income after building that plain Jane- but new- stadium in Santa Clara.

Mark Davis wants to take away an Oakland- to the world also- Icon. The Oakland Raiders.To get further from his Daddy's shadow. Its all psychological,not monetary. Bet on that.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It only took three days for Gary Radnich to get mean. Steve is warned.

So,the situation was Radnich was complaining he had to cut away from Kerr ( like he really cared? He meant time from his own mug on camera) so that "Pammy" (first time he called her that on air,no compliment) can show a story about dogs...service dogs.  Radnich of course then went after the new guy for something he must have said during the break earlier,saying "Just warming up Steve".

You know,when Radnich was off the air...the four KRONERS were smiling,joking. Nobody put anybody down.

 Hey Steve..you ain't the first. And if your rep that precedes you is accurate,you are NOT going to take shit and I predict any showdown is going to go you're way with HR and management.

Tell Radnich to wax the floor....

Comcast and "Infinity" go out first three quarters of the Warriors game.

Goddamn Comcast. Never again. I'm back to Dish asap. THEY never went out in 2 years...Comcast went out during the Super Bowl too..I missed a half hour of that game.

So I think hackers have fun with Comcast..and they aren't admitting it. "The whole area is out" the service rep said.
Lucky the cell isn't Comcast.

Steve Avison,Jim Paymar....seperated at birth.

Look a like,and same mannerisms.  I'm sure Gary Radnich would agree.

Pre game hoopla for Warriors is falling flat.

With that loss the other day. Hearing the deep voices,seeing slow mo,and the platitudes?..Doesnt mean much unless they win tonight.
I don't want to hear it.
Let the game begin.

Flirtations for Stan...

Don't you love that you are older and somebody STILL flirts outrageously with you? -ha. It was great.
Out of the blue.
Made my day.

Sloppy KRON set.

I tell you...why is it an electricians nightmare the kron set?  Wires and cables snaking everywhere. tarps over some hardware look just as bad.
And..mop that floor. Wax it too. Its scuffed and scratched. In a brand new building and studio already.
It all says "No pride".
Although I dont see Pamela's purse and brushes behind her like I reported last month.

As far as lighting and camera work? KPIX is setting the standards. I can actually see what they show clearly.

Trying to prove how smart you are seems to make you look stupid.

Doesnt it?  Its a bad habit.  I'm just glad I have blogger records,Lowell Cohn,and some media blog where I figured things out long before anybody else.
But I notice the natural nature of being outside the box means, re prove, over and over.
Its a curse.

Bernie vs Trump.

I would like to see them debate.

 I can see why Bernie wont drop out. Trump is his conservative doppelganger,Yin and Yang,same but exactly opposite, with a clear road...Bernie on the other hand has an almost insurmountable mountain in Hillary. Still,I would keep fighting too if I won the little battles like Sanders has done to boost his daubers.

Sanders would make a good president- if he stays healthy at his age for one term let alone two.

Trump? will make Billionaires, multiTrillionaires. And the inequity will ruin the country.

So,vote for Hillary.  The smart move.

Great Weather..local weatherpeople fear saying it. Always have to pretend warm is bad.Its, Sooooo L.A.

That's all it is. The S.F. crowd hate when the Meteor People praise nice warm bay area weather. No. Its always "We will tell you when you can expect the fog to return"...like that's good news?
So you get all the fey attitude that 85f is bad.

I like the warm...nothing over 90f for me.  80f is about perfect.

Actually,I don't know how anybody can enjoy living near the fog banks like Half Moon Bay or Foggy Frisco's worst area's. 56f in July?  The suicide rate there would be sky high except for one thing that holds it down-- you need a high income to live in those places ironically enough. That,I guess, keeps them from jumping off the peaks of their roofs.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

KGO TV incredibly says to find suspect description and car "Download our app".

Indian being attacked by black men in Fremont again? KGO 7 this afternoon news as my title says ended with "to find out".
That's kind of dirty isn't it? Is that for the public good? Like 5 more seconds to warn of suspects and their car isn't the right way to inform?
A big demerit for KGO 7

Lieberman needs weeks to review KRON? I did it as it was happening...

So,he wants you to pay extra for his blog that needs weeks to mention Steve-O?  
Maybe kron made a donation.

Gary Radnich says first wife is a parasite on him. In so many words.

He called her alimony a lifetime scholarship today. I have to admit it does seem strange that alimony can go on forever. Not a ten year or so limit.
He makes it clear also when his ex is brought up,that she never intended to ever get married again. "She never went on with her life" ,and that IS a real quote.

Radnich family Tweet photos.

Is it just me or does Crazy Gary's smile..especially bending over, not look like he is doing the Shining? huh? Does it not? Like he's about to do his family in with the KRON fire axe.
Really, just pose like an older gentlemen huh?

Jed and Tim's big lunch...

You read about the bet between Jed and Kawakami. And how Jed just stuck it up Tim Kawakami's ass with a smile.
Tim tries to say "Jed is so rich he didn't know"..only I know Tim is lying. He knows that even Jed in a world of $5 Foot long Sandwiches,was planning on showing up Kawakami and his place in the world.
But you see? Both are still playing head games to this day over that. They both deserve each others company.

Meredith Viera show gets it backwards...

They hide the beautiful blond behind the desk..and put the obligatory jolly big black woman on a talk show at the side.
If they are worried people might think the blond is the star...then get rid of the stupid desk..give everybody a chair.
I mean being a very big woman..she sits ungainly,doing her best I'm sure. I see it as just making her look worse,no favors.

Look at me Mommy! I can drive real fast in a Circle! AND, My motorcycle Mommy, can go really loud too!

Entertainment for idiots.

For some reason,I think Trump as President would just make it worse. Those who love to speed and shoot guns are his people. Hence no new laws on "rights". As they look at it.

Warriors played sloppy ball.

Curry threw his loop passes...and Westbrook stole them and off to the races. Curry will never learn that is terrible fundamentals to try and pass like that in the NBA. His vanity trumps team. (trump the new hip phrase-wink wink)
The rest of the team just blew the big lead with more lazy passing. Draymond Green must have thought is was the OKC CYO they were playing with soft tosses.  OR like Livingston, went the other direction,just fire that ball with no touch at all from 4'.

Its been the weakest link of the team with the best NBA record in history.

I think OKC has played the Warriors enough to know- that was the worst they've seen Oakland play this year. They,also know it might be the last time the Warriors play like that this series.

One last...Lillard, now with Westbrook...can anybody - like Klay- at least stay close to those guys?. Maybe Kerr could try double teaming the hot hand just once?

Gary Radnich- Steve Aveson ,He's learned the rules. Plus..10pm news ends at 11:10. Typical KRON.

Rule one: You take Radnich zings. NEVER return them.  It looks like he's willing to play stooge for now.
Rule two: You must buy into Gary's a personality to excuse that he's a unrepentant liar,con artist and phony. I still remember him reading my critical email on knbr back around 2010..and making up everything on it as he did. That's when I learned.

As for the 10pm news? It also didn't take long for Pamela to be the demure listener on hard news or sports. Its all he- men Steve,Grant and Crazy Gary commenting with opinions. The woman of KRON mostly stay out of the way. Try and just look pretty.

Btw, My old post of 2013 on me and Raddy history? Shot to the top of the views. Huh. Somebody must be doing homework. What I wrote is all true. Radnich can lie and never blink an eye. Its in him.
Ask his ex wife too.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Radnich never greets new Anchor. Just gives him BS to kill time while hogging the camera.

Hey Radnich isn't glazed eyed today. No long pauses and deep breaths to think what he's going to say (then ramble) while stoned like Friday.
Who did he think he was kidding?

You can lead a Gary Radnich to a new Anchor..but you cant make him drink them. Or say hello.

Britteny and Steve already chit chatting. She likes Steve. Grant already said he REALLY likes his new bud Steve. 

Gary Radnich just blows off Steve Aveson-LOL. Steve gets the Diane Tuazon warm welcome. LOLLOLO..and more L's.

Oh man,I know that Radnich. Not a word of greeting to the new lead Anchor. Nothing.
Radnich..just a class act. Humble. LOL,etc and all that.

 The KRON goodby? Two anchors who Radnich ignores and one he abuses. Oh that KRON.

Steve Aveson describes himself as a "Storyteller" Radnich will run with that...

Oh man. Radnich thinks he's Socrates and Hans Christian Anderson. Now he has to LISTEN?

5 minutes into KRON's new guy...he and Pam stepping on each others toes...he doesnt look happy with KRON direction.

Steve is doing the 6 too it seems. They never advertised that. Leave it to KRON.
Ya know, my gut feeling? He's kind of an angry guy. We will see. But,yeah,I see him yelling at staff that fuck up.

KRON's new guy Steve Aveson says he's been learning the local movers and shakers. He read my blog I no doubt.

What scared him was he was told...oh,negative things about my blog. Then read it and found I was right over and over again.
Steve will be a regular reader.

One tip Steve. Get Frank's hair Dr.'s number. That man is a genius and ar-teest.

Yeah,its fine now...but it seems to let in lots of light when you were walking with the Mayor.

Will KRON Pamela be sandwiched between bi polar Steve and Crazy Gary?

I gotta watch for the fireworks. If this guy is like his reputation from Boston..lets see him be a happy lower dog to Radnich big dog head.
I think I hear ticking sounds from KRON studio's....

I'm sooooo insensitive sometimes. Must be the real world effect huh?

I'm changing the world..one dope at a time.

At least give me that.

Speaking of young,stupid and cars. Infinity,BMW,Dodge,Chevy...Ford. All advertise speeding and horsepower.

Since our speed limit is 65..and that's the fast lane of a freeway,isn't advertising the roar and how fast the cars are the same as advertising that its hip to smoke?   Speeding kills and is illegal. Cigarettes cant advertise and are legal.
Whats the point of small lettering "professional driver on a closed course"?  Like every purchaser is a professional driver and has a closed country road? If not then who are they appealing too? Young people who want to speed on PUBLIC roads..just like the man on TV, Mommy.
Even if its a six figure car.

Lincecum's last chance.

I don't care if he gets off to a good start...water seeks its own level.  And it might be a miracle for him to get that fast start.
What can I say? He won 3 WS, not one but TWO Cy's. Maybe that's more then he should have had with his mind being what it is ..or was.

Rod Brooks hates "Spoonman". I guess none of his friends are brown and red?

Speaking of KNBR,ratings,color..as always its life.

But Brooks today went out of his way to say how he doesn't like the Soundgarden classic song. I think my title nailed it.

As for Fitz and Brooks? Once again if big business truly went by ratings.. F&B would have been cancelled long ago. But,the Warriors as a blogger revealed a few years ago pay for the F&B show to be on KNBR..and pay big money. Done it since the Chris Cohan days I imagine so that he could make sure company propaganda kept the heat off of all his inept ownership days. Lacob has kept it going.

Imagine hearing how "ratings" are everything..at corrupt KNBR, that idea is corrupted.

Man,the IRS has to look into Cumulus. They can't be honest about THAT either.

Young Mexican punks...

I never get any flack from black or Asian,or Indian. But the biggest jerks around me are young Mexicans...spoiled young Mexicans. Born here,living up to the Damon Bruce stereotype for all Mexicans.
There's something in the sub-sub-subculture that worships being stupid. Hayward has so many of the young punks,I don't blame Police for cracking heads at all.

No respect for anything,animal or man. No guts to stand up to what their mouths and cars do. They run every time. EVERY time. Its brave to run is what they think.

The parents most of the time are normal. No bother,obey the law. One punk I see had his car taken from him by his Father. He was another who thought no speed limit was the right way to drive.

Motorcycle morons. Hayward PD has to bear down on them. They never obey any speed law..cross any lane they want. I can only think of ONCE seeing one getting a ticket...by my home as I wrote a few months ago.

I know that most of these punks are visiting. If they lived here,shitting in their own bed wouldn't be done. But I know their friends that do live here..just as bad..but can't get away with it. Especially in broad daylight.

I'm  triple their age,doesn't matter. Means nothing. I know their mindset.

KNTV doing real news. Water Bonds welfare for the rich.

Interesting that not only did they expose pork barrel with a BILLION dollars of water money,but also showed once again any,ANY  Stanford "think tank" is taxpayer/student tuition easy money, used for cronyism and no results.

btw,Enjoy that YOU are paying 30 million to finance Chevron refinery installing water pipes. Because ALL know they could never afford to do that on their own,and for only themselves to use.

How weird will Gary Radnich be tonight?

Everyday,he gets stranger. With the Warriors playing he might try to post nudie pics of Pamela he took.
Anything now goes on the new KRON.

Anybody ever bought anything KNBR advertises?

I never have. Sometimes I think its a huge conspiracy to convince company's to advertise...shown bogus ratings,results.
Never tasted an Amici's Pizza in my life.

Sharks? Hockey or Hoakey?..wazz that?

Why is my sports segment viewing being interrupted by bearded Ice Capades shows?  Grown men doing graceful skating? Put it on PBS. 
Every second of that pretend sport is a wasted second of my life. I resent that.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weird Al gets a Wiki bio as long as Paul McCartney's.

I was only wondering where he's been....and wow,Wiki had a near War and Peace on Al's life.

Right now,Abby Wines national parks spokesperson,stupidest person in America.

About the criminals who vandalized the Desert Hole park? "They were just drunk because if they wanted to drive the fish to extinction,a couple of gallons of Clorox would do it"...WHAT???..Is she sane?? To tell the public of 30 million godless vandals how to play God?
I would fire her on the spot. Btw,Who did she tell this to? The LA TIMES!
I can imagine her superiors reading the newspaper drinking coffee doing a spit take at reading what she said. She's a grade A moron.

I can't believe the stupidity employed in our national parks..low pay..something. Unbelievable.

Remember when you couldnt tell apart Billy Joel,Eric Carmen or Burton Cummings in the 70's?

Way before MTV..you could love a song and have no idea of who sang it. Or just the rare Bandstand appearance. Those three guys all had the same sound,the same "I'm alone drunk in a bar" hit songs. I thought Piano man was being sung by Bob Dylan for awhile ("Stuck in the middle with you" Steeler's Wheel,also) so that threw me off in the early 70's.

I'm still learning what some looked like from youtube.

Stan's Famous last words.....

I was reading them again-Famous Last Words. Every now and then I see a new one. I notice the farther you go back the more poetic the last words compared to say the newer younger people's last words like "Dude,is my quesadilla ready?"

I thought of one that bridges the gap,combines old knowledge and new lingo.

Last words:  " No more again,taking a pee or a dump,or vile smells. The lifelong indignity of it all is ending"

Please,no tears. I know I moved you- so to speak.

Rosemary Orazco does a hot Storm...

She dressed like Storm...but looked more like Jean,the other X girl. Frankly with her figure and black leather and long haired wig...some Elvira/Vampira.

I tell ya,she's a Famke Janssen type.

See?  Its things like that,that start your day well.

RHCP's Anthony Kiedis is...53!

When he's jumping around painted silver in 1991's "Give it Away".. and you watched that back then? Did you ever REALLY think you would be around to open the paper/internet and see he's now 53?
In 1991..he's what 26,27?

He can date all the 20 something years old he wants. He's 53 fudging years old!  and not one of those 20 somethings remember 1991!

Ok Good news..warm returning. Great news.

It cant be a subtropical Mexican city full of artists and expatriates living the good life in a mountain valley where its 80f every day..never hot,never cold. But this next week is close as we get. Just no coconuts to pick.

Richard Rawlings really should burn in Hell. His wife drives Italian.

How does he get away with promoting illegal street...driving. All forms.  I cant stand the guy...and there he is a spokesperson for the crappiest brand cars on the road- Dodge. They fit together.
btw- His wife drives a Maserati.  Mr. Beer and Flag waver Republican's wife wont drive American. I wouldn't doubt Rawlings personal main car is not American either.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

How the internet is manipulated now. Brand ratings hard to find. My Radnich storys never seem to show..

If you want to know the highest rated Monterrey Jack cheese?...you wont find it. You will find websites of company's who make Jack cheese a- plenty.

That's how much the internet is changed. I know KNBR/KRON techys do something to my posts. You would think 3 years of his name mentioned would float to the top. But ,no,You almost have to say the topic title word for word.
Yet,those PR for Gary articles long forgotten pop up all the time first.

I wonder if Google is on its way to being North Korea? As it is ...they filter and they also made it so you can only get 10 results at a time..not the 100+ like years ago. Tedious to find what you want now.

I can't believe how brand comparison for Jack Cheese is buried on the net. Whoa.

RACIST KNBR hires another white man in programming. Jeremy Crowe. Crowe..as black as KNBR gets in management.

That makes the percentage 100% Caucasian. I'm sure its all truly fair. Especially in San Francisco where people of color are nowhere to be found.
And Gary Radnich in his 20 + years there has FOUGHT for the brothers! He skipped lunch once in protest. But never told anybody why..

..And then the good news...

When I think of some.. I will get back to you.

btw- Who gives a damn about the family and past winners of Powerball?  I dont..I change the channel.
I don't see any interest in seeing others win Jackpots of millions. Never have. What are people,masochists?

Kittens! Puppys! babay's..Weather! I want.

1874794 License plates of speeding motorcycle punk.

If you see this guy? Flip him off. He's a wimp...just bad ass on his bike. He likes to annoy the whole neighborhood.
He also doesn't seem to care kids and pets might be in our very narrow streets. A total ass.

Car mechanic on MotorWeek gets a facelift. I've seen it all.

Why would a 60 something year old guy who works on cars get a face lift so obvious he now looks Asianish and eyebrows sweep up..not Asian, but more Alien like?
That pressure to look good on TV,not your age.
Don't I know it.

Friday, May 13, 2016

I missed the 845..dang me.

Watching baseball. Oh well. It was KRON..figure nothing high grade and most likely near incompetent.
But the Cult members hierarchy goes on. The reason for the season.

Does nothing embarrass KRON News? Anything?

It was so insane at 6:45..and it went on and on. Its like the Justin Beiber on the bar clip. A young lady next to him was clearly holding up the middle finger..and nobody at KRON saw that?  It was like when Radnich showed a fake Tweet to Steph Curry's wife. If you looked,it was a freeze frame of a real tweet that told the Warrior stars wife that "You need a street nigga". On KRON.  All with the Radnich blessing.
Anything goes on the Gary Radnich kron 4 news follies.
One last- is Kron management so into the buck ..they send that happy pill sportsman out there? Its so obvious. He even hints "Look at me I'm high!"..with his good mood code talk. 

Grant Lodes shows his socks. No end to the groveling.

Was it funny? Something about no desk..had the guy hopping on one leg during the KRON four journalism follies.
He's lost so much credibility in his KRON days.

And you know..he's really smitten with Britteny Shipp. I see it. Something is percolating. Write it down.

Gary Radnich show does May 13th news seemingly high as a kite.

Man,I'm glad I didn't miss it.
Pam Moore naked on the news he said?  Get the net for Grandpa Gary.

Oh,and child molesting. Perfect sports topics with Radnich.

Gary Radnich will even take credit that he's not a molester...maybe. Pam Moore naked in the shower he added.

LOL,He is insane. With his glazed look on his face from happy pills "I'm in a good mood and I don't know why!" he said. I know why. Ask Prince if YOU don't.
Then out of the blue he told Pamela Moore something about her being naked in the shower..she smirked at that. Then launched into his statement about kids.

The man is such a shallow phony. He will wrap himself in anything to make himself look good.  He will eat his children if he had too to make a buck. And,he's crazy as a loon.

Everybody knows it.

btw.He sure molested Pam and Cathy and..whoever he can get a hand on who wont complain.

He sounded like a drunk. Radnich should never do a show on a high. It shows.

KGO 7 Hires Latina...Attractive and young.

I hate to say it but,its the bank teller syndrome. Put the color out on front and behind the scenes lack of color is pulling all the strings.
Still,that's two more recent hirings then any other local station. With Reggie Aqui,the bay area has only two male Latino anchors.
They got the foot in the door,and it was nailed to the floor.

I'm such a poet.

Seperated at birth, Kevin Durant and Billy Corgan.

They even have that same expression all the time.."Floating,I'm just floating..."

Difference between Curry and Durant? Curry is clutch,Durant is not.

Funny thing is..Durant is more Draymond Green in the clutch..a klutz. Remember when he threw the ball away vs the Warriors as they trapped him with the game on the line?  Same thing vs San Antone...Durant in the infamous 13 seconds..couldn't get a grip on the ball..and he fell down! Ack!

Westbrook also blows hot and cold.

I think a game one win is a slam dunk for the Warriors...after Durant trips and falls,fumbles the ball with 2 seconds left and the Warriors dunk the game winner!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Gary Radnich FINALLY says something interesting about Sports.

Its been awhile. But today he answered what I had been wondering. Why is Tim Duncan still playing if he's going to sit almost all the game?
Turns out his manager embezelled/lost all Duncan's money.   Duncan is doing what he can for when he retires. That's not retire,keep going as long as they pay you.
Like Radnich..

Julie Haener goes cleavage last night.

I think it was the first time. She had a nice outfit with real cleavage seen in the plunging neckline. Fox news does somethings right.

Kron debuting new 5 pm anchors. Viki and Grant ( I have to feed my babay groveling to radnich) Lodes.

Makes more sense then the Viki- JR Stoned again pairing.
Its spring. Let anchor love begin.

Why would Tom Tolbert WANT John Lund?

Whats the matter with Tom that he agreed to take on Lund?  Lund's well known brown nosing co host skills? Is Tom tired of droll wit of Ratto and wants somebody to treat him like a God? I think so. I think Tom wants somebody who agrees all the time and will laugh at any joke Tolbert makes. Anything.

Parking moron...

SO,Im leaving the lane at the parking lot..and some dummie is speeding through Food Source,and he says something to me..I tell him "Its a parking lot asshole,you want to speed take the freeway". We go back and forth and I tell him - bring it.. he jumps out of his car...runs up to me...then gets back in his car.
As always..pretend bad asses of Hayward.  I hate every one of them. He knows it now too...

Don't invite John Lund,Bob Fitzgerald, to a Greg Papa tribute.

I think Papa sends them to sleep with the fishes. He surely WANTS to...

The Brodie Brazil Muttonchops....I dig it.

I see that and I start to sing Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" circa 1970.

Brody went outside the box..nice.

Lincecums mea culpa...Stan was right.

You all heard it right?  His "I thought I was invincible" and what else that I already knew. I told you.

SF GATE couldn't get my blog off their website fast enough as they pushed Ann and Bruce and Ray's "Lincecum eats wimpy burgers" line aka Giant propaganda.

His weight gains,losses and "dehydration"..all part of his body abuse. His family history must have a story to tell. Who's doesn't?

I was- and always am - ahead of mainstream media by light years. They forget there are people out here that know what's what.

KTVU thinks Jason AppleBomber is a "personality".

And ladies,isn't he sooooo easy on the eye's?

His 1920's  banker/flapper hairdo is to die for. Trendy.

And KTVU wonders why ratings are down?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Teams pass on Tim Lincecum.

When I hear people talk about Curry's back to back MVP..its really sad that Tim Lincecum ruined his fantastic career with some untold reason and huge weight losses. He even missed his first All Star game "dehydrated". We were never told the real story about that.
At 31 he's not even at his biological full strength. For men that peaks at 34. But,it looks like he rushed passed that at 27 not taking care of his body.

Oy! Not another NOVA special about destroying something Nazi again.

Ah,how many ways can PBS and NOVA rake over WW2 and how we stopped Nazi,planes,rockets,decoders,Dams,Cannons, Cabarets,etc,etc,etc,and sub shows on those and more?
Those and digging up Vikings and Norseman seem to get way more attention then needed.

What ever happened to real science programs on NOVA? Why not hyperloop? Or plans to build scopes to find Alien life- INTELLIGENT Alien life..but will take microbes if that's all they find.

No,its what's on everybody's mind..every kid wants to know how we stopped the Nazi's from winning the Pillsbury bake off competition. Make it a two parter.

KGO doing news...KRON acting like Klowns with KRON owner Radnich.

"We don't rehearse" says Radnich with his honesty...and why Pamela jumped off the news desk for selfish selfies. Amazing. just a terrible waste of news time..so I went to KGO 7 with Dan and Anna.

They are practically bay area family compared to the dysfunctional family of KRON.

Btw- Radnich used the excuse to feel up Pam the WHOLE time. Who's he think he's kidding?

The Steve Moscowitz taxes Girl...

You've seen those sunken eye's on TV?  She's the type that walks into a nightclub yelling "Ooo-Weee,where's all the black men with big dicks!!?" "Shoshana need some!"

Just the type you want to do taxes vs the IRS.

Pam Moore does say Radnich a big baby.

He was turning on the BS yesterday..and I swore she in return called him a big baby. He ignored it. His modus operandi when truth gets too close.

Just a second thought...that might have been Viki Liviakis off camera that said that. Either way,they are right.

George Rask has a huge following. Who would have guessed?

Again,out of the blue I learn what the public wants. It wants George Rask.
If I was a ND?  My team would be A. Diane Tuazon weather, B,George Rask traffic. C. Dan Ashleys hair anchoring. C yes,Gary Radnich sports.
Man, its like cheating to mention them for views.

Lieberman admits Stan was right about FOX/KNTV. Garry Radnich? he's no sportsman.

You know his RL415 mea culpa was a nod to me.

Radnich? He's too old to even want to go to games. He yawns at the idea of SuperBowl and WS..etc.
Unless KNBR makes him go...and even then it has to be with no crowds since he will be booed constantly,otherwise he would never go to a sports event.
KRON? he's semi retired. No reporting,just show up and dance..go home.

Posey-- topping the ball. He's not going opposite field,level swings.

I watched him close. That's my conclusion on his RBI slump. Ground after grounder.  IF Posey went up with the idea of a level and smooth solid swing instead of instant HR,he might break his slump. One way is to go to opposite field..get out of the over swinging killing him.
Do that- slump solved.

Quick-- forward this to Giant HQ.

Steph Curry,future President of the United States of us. I predict!

You watch..when he retires...uhuh. You betcha!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why is Posey reaching? Every at bat...reaching,grounder outs.

He's guessing...then decides the low pitch is good enough?

  He's not Buster Posey. An imposter. Posey is the Curry of hitters...this guy is minor league material with the Giants.

Posey needs batting advice..and mine is swing at balls down the middle of the plate and stop swinging at pitches that are balls goddammit.

In just a few days,he lost 25 points off his average. RISP his middle name.

Trophy wives on sunny day walks.

In Pleasanton a 30ish brunette in fashionable leather shoe's tight jeans and Aviators. A 8 or 9.
In Fremont, A Chyna Phillips in 1990 look a like. Perfect body,short bobbed blond hair wearing a exercise muscle shirt. Or whatever they call the girl version. She made my inner Tiger Woods come out.

Just to let you know its healthy to be a girl watcher,still.  Under siege!

Is Steph Curry underrated? I argue ,yes.

A. His Mom is pretty.
B.His wife is pretty.
C.his babay is pretty.
D. The President likes him.
E.He never posts on Instagram going 120 mph in his Prius.
F. He will be our next Governor..when he retires and F+ be PUSA in 2029. Stan PREDICTS!

I thus rest my case.


How do I stop thinking? I must think because,I am.

Monday, May 9, 2016

95.7 takes traitor John Lund off the air...

I think they did. I just heard Dibly and Papa for the few minutes I had it on.

Hey Papa- John wants to take food out of your family's mouth. What a pal he is! Not just changing stations- He's taking YOU on.  A pal,I tell ya,...he would never sell you out. Well,just this once...

Giants have no more home mojo. Posey a major scrub again.

Wow,like they just have NO home field advantage...they don't run faster hit harder when at home anymore. It was a conga line of outs vs the mighty 1928 Yankee's yesterday.

Posey came up just when you wanted him too...in 2010,2012,2014.  Now? He's a sure weak out. Take down the middle,swing at in the dirt. He's guessing pitches mightily wrong.

The year had such a happy start. Cain and Peavy and Posey are just killing the team.

Local sports radio hosts. Tools of ignorance.

Not one said that Luke Walton was going to the Lakers.   I did.

  Its like that all the way down the line.

 I know when I hear the younger ones trying to prove they are "part of the team" by saying something that's like a pot shot to me?
I know..they will learn I was right.  Let the 3 amigo's and Guru's and Zach's for now think they would never be on the Stan team..just wait a few years.

Then they will say "Stan was right- again".

KTVU in the Morning set needs some color.

I don't mean people- but that wouldn't hurt either- I mean the whole drab desk and window of the foggy bay.
Its a big desk- huge desk- and the unrelenting fog behind the hosts.  Why not add some greenery? plants, flowering plants in nice looking ceramic pots..something!

Right now,its the waiting room of the local morgue. Depressing.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Why John Lund and not Ray Ratto? John is a card carrying conservative.

IF,i had bashed Lund for being a liberal all these months?  KNBR and Hammer never would have hired him.
Birds of a feather trumps money making with a talented liberal. Haven't you figured that out?

John Lund leaving 95.7- going to KNBR! Tom's new partner.

Again, racist KNBR manager Lee Hammer hires a white guy!..astounding that he is a total bigot and nothing is done about it.
Lund will start in July...that should kill Toms high ratings. His Papa might have to go back to do thinking sports conversations and not stream of consciousness scatological word association he usually does for three hours. Out of the Radnich mold.

Amy G again flirty with Duane Kuiper.

She must be an Angel to make an old guy like Kuiper feel good. She skipped the last couple of years flirting with the Giant announcer as she used to say things like "sitting on his lap" and he would come back with something. She's back at it this year...

Duane Kuiper knows one thing. Should his wife "accidentally" fall off  a steep cliff that Kuipe insisted they hike to?..Kuiper has somebody  trophy waiting for him.

If life were easy,you would be dead by now.

Easy things happen and end fast.  Ponder that while you eat a fortune cookie.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

KRON's new anchor called "Bi Polar" by Boston viewer. Lol, TWO on one newset?

I guess Steve wont take much time to come in one day and tell Pamela "You were the 4th best? Now your the 5th best" as he tells her live on air. Gary Radnich says "I've said that for years!..then I get back on the meds"

That's when she goes from worst to his sister.

Posey,King of the not important hit.

He went from clutch to choke in his career.  Today- left runners stranded with weak grounders. Yeah,he's batting .303 A weak .303

He suffered more then a broken leg.

Warriors pre and postgames of ABC,TNT,TBS,ESPN games. You can thank me.

Thanks to me,Comcast and Griggs are doing pre and postgames shows this year even when the Warriors are on the other networks.
You remember my blog asking for that?
Last year it was not done....

One Wong is a right with Mallicoat.

Yeah they seemed to be upbeat..even Rosemary.  When they came back from a commercial break both Wong and Mallicoat had to stop laughing to get back to the show.
A good sign.
He's more traditional anchor guy. Ross maybe has more reporter in him.

First person to ever...

When  I was a kid I would wonder what I could do that nobody in history of the world ever did.

So,I would find some place in the backyard that looked out of the way...and stand there or touch a small rock in that spot, and think "Nobody has ever stood here,or touched that rock all the way back to the Dinosaurs."

I was eating some Jello with Cool Whip a while ago. I had that same kind of thought. "I bet I would be the first person in the history of the world to snort Jello".

But,then I didn't. Too crazy.

Warrior playoffs- why so long between games??

They played Wednesday..and now again on Saturday? That's a long break for teams that need momentum...even if it ain't the Warriors. The playoffs are like, lets get reacquainted time.

Tom Green: Canada wants to build a wall and make America pay for it!

I wish I had thought of that. Funny.

Except,Canada is the biggest investor in this country followed by Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands I think it was. China is catching up.

Worlds Most Honest Sports Announcer.

"I'm Joe Blab with Today's game.  Up first is  Jose Steinberg.  Jose is currently in a bad marriage and being investigated by the I.R.S.  He's hitting .272 with 2 DUI's" and 17 rbi's.

I'm waiting for that.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ken Korach and Unknown A's..

I'm in the car the other day - this is all true- driving along and I put the A's on for a few minutes. Ken is calling the game "Strike one"..doesn't say the guys name. Then the guy fouls off a pitch "From" somebody I never heard of.

 Do you know I didn't know who was batting- the A's or the other team? As Korach occasionally used a name here and there- I swear when I changed the station I left not knowing what I heard....

(A's announcers should keep in mind that with 52 new Beaneball players added every year,its hard for fans to keep up. Some help is needed.)

...Or what inning it was..but that's on Ken.

Let's see. Best anchor pairings? I will tell.

1. Scott McGrew and Kris Sanchez. Nothing sappy between them. Like the way co workers should be. Natural talk.

2. Larry Beil and Alma Daetz. Are they married? Its like watching the happy couple who can say we are soulmates. They never step on each others toe's. Yet,they never brag about the other..again, natural. Funny back and forth's too off of Beil mostly.

3. Jessica Aguirre and Raj Matai. Ok,they don't have much in common. So what? A mature newscast.

4 .I like Liz Cook and Allan Martin.  Liz seems bright and level headed. No strange mannerisms or hairdo's. Martin is like the son of Van Amburg. Almost as personable as "Dad".

 That's about it. Heather and Ken Wayne were good. But,KTVU only paired them as fill ins. I tell ya- Ken is the spitting image/sound alike too of George Watson 20 years ago. Especially pre the botched eye job Ken had done.
Others are...fair. Terry McSweeney and whats her name Peggy Bunker..don't move any needles.
Gassia and Miback?..eh. Serviceable.  She's out of his league is the problem.
Honorable mention for Hackney and Goodrich. It sounds like they actually went to college. Graduated too.

Where to put Alley cat Rasmus when she returns?

KTVU is mixing and matching,but Alley cat is much smoother then their main anchors but maybe Heather. Why she would be on reporter detail,or if she will when she returns from being a baby mama would be a mystery.

Maybe she's not a good office fighter. Never complains. Nice girls finish last.

There isn't a sports host in the bay area I admire.

I can listen to some like Townsend,or Guru and 3 Amigos. The big Names? Radnich,Bruce,Papa? they should be put to sleep. Never innovate- just perpetuate the company line. Or,in Greg Papa's case perpetuate bestiality. What a gold star on his career huh?

Sports hosting as it should be is dead in the bay area. Nobody has anything to say original.

When I wrote Billy Beane was like a man who wanted out as GM?...I hit it on the head.

NOT ONE other sports person had thought like that.

Its all company line. You see what Papa is paid by Comcast? Why?..like he's irreplaceable?

No,because somebody with real talent might bring up Matt Cain and Peavy and contracts. Even Comcast knows that he's nothing to ratings. When Comcast dropped the Radnich show they made more money running infomercials about mops in his time slot. Same for Papa. The blond can do just as well- maybe better since the Papa-Saint back and forth is excruciatingly simple minded.
They pay Papa to be safe.

Joe Lacob changed everybody at GS who wasn't a puppet. Like talker Bob. He stayed. Listening to TBS or ABC announcers on the Warriors is pure fresh air, man.

And...they all are going to vote for Trump.  Scary puppets.

Deport all Indians back to Indiana!

Damon Bruce sound so much like a fish out of water..even after all these years in the bay area.

See? He thinks he will change the bay area to be more Indiana. What a dope.

A woman married to him? Wont last 3 years...

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Peavy and Cain,newest members of the SF. Giants Health Club inc. Paid to exercise and travel the country....

Cain was everything down the middle of the plate at 89 or 90.  Batting practice for Colorado.
He's another done fer.

He wanted that huge contract because he knew- and KNOWS his arm was failing. So now its his teammates and fans watching Matt the con artist get some exercise every five days and paid a bijillion dollars a year.

 Usually YOU pay a health club to exercise. The Giants Health Club pays its members, free travel too over the warm summers.See the country!. Zito,Cain,Aaron whats his name,Huff,Ross,Sanchez the pitcher,Lincecum...are members of now and past.
How surreal.

Jack Parr was right. There is nobody worth talking too.

As the years go by,his famous comment seems to be a truism.

Except the cats.

Hey Damon read this on Cinco De Mayo. And all like Mr. Damon.

Funny how he tells that not only is white right- but woman in movies must be lighter skinned then even the white leading man. I noticed that long ago. Take yer Emma Stone and any male co star fer example.
So read what an historian has to say:

Damon Bruce antagonizes Mexican Americans on Cinco De Mayo. How he fights racism.

That's how he celebrates. He also added that ( Like Radnich and he drives while black men walk storys) Bruce said nobody ever bought him a drink on Cinco De Mayo- HE paid.
Funny,but he didn't say he was at a bar with Mexican friends. He wanted Mexican strangers to just offer to pay?
Maybe Bruce should show up a company function where the Tres Amigo's are also. They would buy him a drink. I guess. I'm sure Bruce would think of them as equals.

Bochy's weakness. Calling for steals or pitchouts and sticking too long with a pitcher.

Now,before you point to 3 WS titles...I say he has problems. Bobby Cox and Joe Torre were among a few who could beat Bochy at the guessing game every time. Its still and always will be one of his two Achilles' heels.
His leave them in..just puts the game out of reach. I feel for ATT fans when Bochy has made it a moot point by the 3rd inning.

But, 3 WS titles...So,I guess we wont see any changes in thinking there.

"Experiment in Terror" 1962 Movie with Candlestick Park and The Giants.

Did you know,that in 1961 people went to baseball games in only their regular clothes? According to this movie one guy did wear a SF hat..that's it.  Not a single Giant jacket,T shirt,Jersey...nothing. What was baseball thinking in those days?

The price of a ticket? $2.50 including 14 cents fed sales tax. With Horace Stoneham's signature.

The Giant's were playing the Dodgers Friday August 18th,1961 at 8:15 pm start.

Don Drysdale was pitching..for some reason in the Movie he does the old arms behind his back windup and throws (toss) like he would to a girl..almost sidearm. What is it about Hollywood that makes everybody run and throw like a girl?

The Giants had Mike McCormick going on the mound. NO shots of Willie. Mikes shot you could tell was from a real game. Intense look on his face. Drysdale's "pitch" as staged as can be.

The "crowd" ?  Hollywood made it 98% caucasian. I saw one black  guy and one Asian woman. How real.

Lots and lots of men wearing Fedora's.  In 1961.  Hollywood was about ten years behind the times as usual.

One last note- the bad guy (Ross Martin) wore a hoodie...how trippy in 1961 to see a bad guy wear one. Standard equipment now.

J.R. Stone an anchor? LOL,He's lucky-very- to even have a job.

The guy who loves Mike Savage also thinks toothy JR Stone is "underrated".  Yeah,not many reporters can do an interview live on air drunk and insulting...and keep his job.

And the "off with the sportcoat" signature is just dumb. Stone,Out!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Gary Radnich gives Emerald Yea a kick in the behind. He can't get over a grudge 30 years later.

The one where she was angry because he told the TV crowd she was going on vacation. She in turn was worried her home would be targeted. See,her worry and panic is now a joke to Radnich because she also told him off.
btw,For the first time Pamela Moore said "She was right"..and that got Radnich to make a face.

Speaking of his face...the family shot? Man,Raddie is a scary looking guy. He's more peeping tom then dad looking...

Steve Moscowitz- cold fish,lol!

I read his Yelp page...the pro Steve testimonials sounded fake,similar. The real stories sound to me like the idiot you see on Yahoo Sports pontificating in a legal area that has nothing to do with taxes-LOL.
A greedy money hungry guy who asks $5,000 up front like its pocket change.

One guy said Steve turned a 100 grand problem into a 900 grand killer!!

Hey did you know his license was suspended in 2001? How he got back into the game is anybody's guess. Or even talk about games.

Donald Trump- build a wall. Around my house!

Make it soundproof,and uncross- able to mankind. lol. I could go for that.

Jake Peavy. Doesn't have it. Its gone.

Everything he threw was in the 80's. He looked like a college player,his strange leg kick now fits the lack of arm strength.

The Giants can't run him out there...he's another Zito. Pray he has a freak great location streak,and they prayed for seven years waiting for that from good old Zeets.  Speaking of Zeets..he really screwed with the heads of Lincecum and Cain. One to not go for a huge contract,the other to want one bad enough to nearly extort the team. Then,the on field...

Sabean needs to find another Hunter Pence of pitching out there. Peavy and Cain are just throwers not pitchers.

Eric Burnes funny view of Billy Beane.

"I believe in his system"..then does say- honestly enough- that trading Cespedes was a mistake "He's in the top 25 in all of baseball right now and has been".  Like Stan said then- he's the A's engine and Burnes pretty much admitted that.  What Burnes didn't mention was the giving away of a signed Josh Donaldson for some so--so's.  MVP for so-so's should haven been mentioned by Eric as a terrible and horrid trade.
But,he didn't.

Neither did John Lund or his Papa say a thing.

As a Stan exclusive mentioned "I need help" said Pamela to the idea of a co anchor..

When did I post that? 2 or 3 months ago?  As I observed and ascertained,KRON was on the hunt for a co -anchor for its aging queen who already beat the odds to have been the single -and female- anchor for what? over a decade or decade and a half?. Got to give her that.
Steve Averson? crap,I forgot his last name. Unlike Radnich,I tried to remember. White,about 45 or so,thin or average build.  Is he submissive to the Sports Director? Is he Republican? I would think so..that would mean he's more likely to see the company's view of things in KRON's strange world of news.
I'm all for trying new things..KTVU has been rotating anchors a bit too much,but lets see what happens.
KPIX..Ken and Veronica..I don't know. I think Ken is still good..but like Dan,co hosting with your daughters sorority chums just looks odd. Maybe KPIX should have sprung some bucks for Carolyn Johnson when they had a chance. I still see Veronica trying hard..maybe too hard. You have to remember there hasn't been a longtime Asian female anchor in the bay area since what's her name at KNTV. None,have come close to Wendy Tokuda dominance.

Oop .Correction. Kristin Sze has been going so long she's gone from skinny to shapely mature I noticed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Our Motto :DO unto others as they have done unto you.

Yeah,I had no shortage of people over the many years give me their opinion and their attitude of me, and too me. Beautiful and ugly alike.
So,its real world here. With full service. A bonus.

Trump with weird yellow hair,suntan booth raccoon eyes...and he says he's "real" ?

He's got his yellow Wolverine hairdo and again- where does he find tanning booths on the campaign trail?  Does he bring one with him?
Republicans have outdone themselves,making a fascist- and that is what he is- their representative.

He doesn't know what reality is..with the botoxed facelifted wife trying to look 20 at 50.

Just seeing the sea of faces behind him? One trick pony.

One more- he's huffing and puffing lately,looking tired and slow. Weak voice. I don't see presidential energy. He's not used to doing real work,long days.

Hillary is a virtual marathon woman compared to Trump,her voice strong and clear.

I know who will be the next President.

Gary Radnich says KRON hires a new co anchor. His name is Steve.

"I dont know his whole name..not until he's there 6 months will I try to remember".

Spoken like a true arrogant jerk. He expands jerkdom.

Kruger congratulates Kate Scott for award..Gary Radnich changes the subject.

See? He CAN last being a jerk.
btw- Radnich changed the topic to heroin addiction. What a pal he is.  Is Kate an addict?
I didn't think so.