Wednesday, May 4, 2016

As a Stan exclusive mentioned "I need help" said Pamela to the idea of a co anchor..

When did I post that? 2 or 3 months ago?  As I observed and ascertained,KRON was on the hunt for a co -anchor for its aging queen who already beat the odds to have been the single -and female- anchor for what? over a decade or decade and a half?. Got to give her that.
Steve Averson? crap,I forgot his last name. Unlike Radnich,I tried to remember. White,about 45 or so,thin or average build.  Is he submissive to the Sports Director? Is he Republican? I would think so..that would mean he's more likely to see the company's view of things in KRON's strange world of news.
I'm all for trying new things..KTVU has been rotating anchors a bit too much,but lets see what happens.
KPIX..Ken and Veronica..I don't know. I think Ken is still good..but like Dan,co hosting with your daughters sorority chums just looks odd. Maybe KPIX should have sprung some bucks for Carolyn Johnson when they had a chance. I still see Veronica trying hard..maybe too hard. You have to remember there hasn't been a longtime Asian female anchor in the bay area since what's her name at KNTV. None,have come close to Wendy Tokuda dominance.

Oop .Correction. Kristin Sze has been going so long she's gone from skinny to shapely mature I noticed.