Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bullshit PR for Mark Davis "He's a millionare in a league of billionaires"...baloney.

The Oakland Raiders ORG is worth at least a billion $. Mark Davis owns the team.  Also point number two that sports writers dont bring up. Mark Davis pays nothing for the maintenance of the Colosseum. Nothing.  He's now playing with house money,the car is paid for Ma.
Point three they never bring up.  Mark Davis has never denied he can get financing for a stadium. He also as the builder owner keeps all the profits. I don't see Jed whining about his income after building that plain Jane- but new- stadium in Santa Clara.

Mark Davis wants to take away an Oakland- to the world also- Icon. The Oakland Raiders.To get further from his Daddy's shadow. Its all psychological,not monetary. Bet on that.