Sunday, May 22, 2016

Carny Lansford should be a MLB Manager. Just a waste of talent.

Its like he's Bill Walsh or even Jim Harbaugh..just languishing far below his level,not being given a shot at the big time. Walsh and Harbaugh got there' why is Lansford passed over for the schmucks being hired all over Baseball?
Yeah,I know he a conservative Republican. I forgive since it doesn't mean anything to me if he wins. Melvin makes a hell of a lot of mistakes..far better then Gerin ever was,but I think Lansford would be a jump up yet to another level.
But I'm just the guy who predicted the results of a Cespedes trade and predicted Beane was going to be creative at not being GM anymore. EVERYBODY knew the Donaldson trade was horribly wrong. That one I share.

Carny needs to be let loose.