Friday, May 13, 2016

Does nothing embarrass KRON News? Anything?

It was so insane at 6:45..and it went on and on. Its like the Justin Beiber on the bar clip. A young lady next to him was clearly holding up the middle finger..and nobody at KRON saw that?  It was like when Radnich showed a fake Tweet to Steph Curry's wife. If you looked,it was a freeze frame of a real tweet that told the Warrior stars wife that "You need a street nigga". On KRON.  All with the Radnich blessing.
Anything goes on the Gary Radnich kron 4 news follies.
One last- is Kron management so into the buck ..they send that happy pill sportsman out there? Its so obvious. He even hints "Look at me I'm high!"..with his good mood code talk.