Thursday, May 5, 2016

"Experiment in Terror" 1962 Movie with Candlestick Park and The Giants.

Did you know,that in 1961 people went to baseball games in only their regular clothes? According to this movie one guy did wear a SF hat..that's it.  Not a single Giant jacket,T shirt,Jersey...nothing. What was baseball thinking in those days?

The price of a ticket? $2.50 including 14 cents fed sales tax. With Horace Stoneham's signature.

The Giant's were playing the Dodgers Friday August 18th,1961 at 8:15 pm start.

Don Drysdale was pitching..for some reason in the Movie he does the old arms behind his back windup and throws (toss) like he would to a girl..almost sidearm. What is it about Hollywood that makes everybody run and throw like a girl?

The Giants had Mike McCormick going on the mound. NO shots of Willie. Mikes shot you could tell was from a real game. Intense look on his face. Drysdale's "pitch" as staged as can be.

The "crowd" ?  Hollywood made it 98% caucasian. I saw one black  guy and one Asian woman. How real.

Lots and lots of men wearing Fedora's.  In 1961.  Hollywood was about ten years behind the times as usual.

One last note- the bad guy (Ross Martin) wore a trippy in 1961 to see a bad guy wear one. Standard equipment now.