Saturday, May 21, 2016

Friday fireworks! Radnich steaming angry at new anchor!

I said sooner or later it would happen..but from the new guys start on Monday,the tension started on out in the open and Radnich steaming mad..almost shaking and so angry he had to compose to talk? Faster then I thought. "You can watch as Steve and I go at each other" said the head down gritting his teeth, sports anchor.
Whatever it was that got to him, must have been part of KRON trying to get old man Radnich to get more 6:45 be a little gonzo...but the other newscasts- stick to sports. He complained that the "consultant" advised it. He hates the consultant whoever he is.

He,I can see,also hates being made back into a sportscaster.

Steve Aveson? bingo!..I was right again. Just not made to be a Radnich accessory. The two also were going back and forth on who likes sports enough to record games they can't see live. Aveson called the Sports Director down on why he wont watch games recorded,if he is also not going to go to the games? More of that had to have been off air calling Raddy was worked up. I mean he really was hyperventilating.
He might one day just walk off that podium and just rip like no other on air rip ever done. YouTube,get ready.

This is the problem as I see it. Radnich feels he's now entitled to own KRON. HE should hire and promote,he should get every perk in the world. But,the world and Media General see him as Radnich who does sports. Nothing more.

Raddy has anger management issues.