Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gary Radnich brags son beans another boy "He didnt let it bother him"...LOL...

So,when Radnich dropped the word goofy,I had to think of what he just said proudly.

You also would have thought Gary Radnich learned something two years ago when Kate Scott schooled him on Jerry West and his lifetime of depression. Radnich the dummy,never learns.

He's like the street punk who brags he's doesn't need to learn nuthin.

The whole act of proud father is so phony. He's not a young dad with his 8 year old son,he's 67 years old and has children well over 40 years old. So,excuse the public that pukes on his all American tales. Hell, Radnich has a cane and handicapped placards. Just what a 8 year old will reminisce about years from now...

More of why big bizz's keep him on the air. A true tool.

You know how he abuses Pam Moore if he decides she needs it?  She's been his living deodorant for the last 20 years,removing his stink as best she can in return.