Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Gary Radnich digs his "I'm an ass" hole even deeper....

His curt and cute and vain answer to what he caused just more proof of the arrogant fool he is.

Nobody watching the 6:45 or any other of his segments of late see anything of a real man in the guy.

I wouldn't doubt for one second that behind the lines,he's had Cathy Heenan beg Media General on his behalf.

Radnich laughable "I dont go to games because of my young children" is more proof of the weasel he is.

It also proves to Steve Aveson what Steve has read here. That Gary Radnich is a habitual and sociopath liar.

One last. Radnich has now sank to making a 19 year old intern look like a stooge.  Sank low.