Friday, May 20, 2016

Gary Radnich a masochist.

He has to be. For somebody to say they root for the Dodgers,pick on woman in the media. To be caught by Herb Caen -a few times- cruising for God knows what in the Tenderloin...he needs to be hated.
You hear how he's compulsive to read hate email and text? He can't stop. "Spank me Daddy" is behind it.
He already is testing waters at KRON to see how far he can push the new guy. Radnich who hates people who call Tim Lincecum Timmy,calls the new anchor Steve Aveson, "Stevie".

He wants to stir shit wherever he goes for all the wrong reasons..not to better a show. But to make people hate him. He rolls around in the hate.

Its why he wont go to games-too much hate,he doesn't want to be attacked. No live reports for him.

btw..I'm SURE Aveson is seeing things more and more my way as the days go by.

You know Radnich had it made years ago.  Watch old youtube...he's different. Normal. Calm. Something changed him into the guy who will say he roots for the Dodgers OR, Peyton Manning,Brett Fahr,Tom Brady are better then Joe Montana.
Man, in the SF bay area you are just wallowing in hate and hurt to say those things. Somebody with half the brains of an imbecile would never say those things here.

He's really somebody who broke down and came back to never be the same.