Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gary Radnich- Steve Aveson ,He's learned the rules. Plus..10pm news ends at 11:10. Typical KRON.

Rule one: You take Radnich zings. NEVER return them.  It looks like he's willing to play stooge for now.
Rule two: You must buy into Gary's a personality to excuse that he's a unrepentant liar,con artist and phony. I still remember him reading my critical email on knbr back around 2010..and making up everything on it as he did. That's when I learned.

As for the 10pm news? It also didn't take long for Pamela to be the demure listener on hard news or sports. Its all he- men Steve,Grant and Crazy Gary commenting with opinions. The woman of KRON mostly stay out of the way. Try and just look pretty.

Btw, My old post of 2013 on me and Raddy history? Shot to the top of the views. Huh. Somebody must be doing homework. What I wrote is all true. Radnich can lie and never blink an eye. Its in him.
Ask his ex wife too.