Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Great Weather..local weatherpeople fear saying it. Always have to pretend warm is bad.Its, Sooooo L.A.

That's all it is. The S.F. crowd hate when the Meteor People praise nice warm bay area weather. No. Its always "We will tell you when you can expect the fog to return" that's good news?
So you get all the fey attitude that 85f is bad.

I like the warm...nothing over 90f for me.  80f is about perfect.

Actually,I don't know how anybody can enjoy living near the fog banks like Half Moon Bay or Foggy Frisco's worst area's. 56f in July?  The suicide rate there would be sky high except for one thing that holds it down-- you need a high income to live in those places ironically enough. That,I guess, keeps them from jumping off the peaks of their roofs.