Saturday, May 14, 2016

How the internet is manipulated now. Brand ratings hard to find. My Radnich storys never seem to show..

If you want to know the highest rated Monterrey Jack cheese? wont find it. You will find websites of company's who make Jack cheese a- plenty.

That's how much the internet is changed. I know KNBR/KRON techys do something to my posts. You would think 3 years of his name mentioned would float to the top. But ,no,You almost have to say the topic title word for word.
Yet,those PR for Gary articles long forgotten pop up all the time first.

I wonder if Google is on its way to being North Korea? As it is ...they filter and they also made it so you can only get 10 results at a time..not the 100+ like years ago. Tedious to find what you want now.

I can't believe how brand comparison for Jack Cheese is buried on the net. Whoa.