Sunday, May 1, 2016

I dont like my neighbors. None of them.

I kind of realize when -once again- that when the Warriors are playing in champeen- ship type games- The crowd around here is working on their monster trucks,and putting louder exhausts on their Mustangs and Challengers and all that just barely fit in the driveway- or don't.
I've been here longer then all the rest. Its now flippers and hillbilly Republicans in low income neighborhoods trying to look down at me,crazy as that sounds..or the punk macho crowd who's only real power is simply to annoy for no known reason but for whatever they tell themselves.
So,when the last good neighbor I had moved- the "crowd" stole the sons car-,and motorcycle boy showed up...due for a broken nose months later by me. I stopped caring about propriety of flipping the flippers the bird as they raced around or just calling them assholes.
If somebody wants to annoy me..they get what they deserve.

I'm still waiting for gentrification to take over. What I don't want is Hayward to simply add more stupid.something this city tends to do with open arms.

We got the weather,the water, and nice rolling hills.  Its the neighbors who ruin everything.