Friday, May 20, 2016

I love when KRON gets weird. TV worth watching.

Some observations: Pamela Moore is not happy.  She's not freezing Steve to the point that Radnich did to Diane Tuazon...but she's not asking Steve anything,not laughing with any "That's so funny Steve"..nah,just workman like.
As I predicted...she's sort of odd woman out at the sports talks...Radnich pretty much is now looking for Steve.
Steve today gave a flowery greeting to Radnich wife Alicia...and it was like they all might as well have yelled "bullshit!"  Either Alicia's mic was off..or she said nothing.  The director must have been asleep..because after Steve's perfume greeting...the camera just stayed on him. Oh.

I mean when people laugh when you are trying to be sincere? Its egg on yer face time.