Saturday, May 21, 2016

I predict a big Monday pow wow at KRON.

I would be shocked if it was business as usual Monday.  The new guy hasn't unpacked his suitcase..and Radnich was fuming already.
If that's the first week,the future looks bleak for somebody.

Now,with the Cult of Kron in full force,maybe they do pretend they saw none of last week. What a mistake that would be.

Also- Friday ,Gary Radnich pulled the who's on my side,and who's on  Steve's side about recording games. Pamela never looked Steve's way. Lodes did side with Aveson.

Pamela I think is just not happy to be co anchoring,not so much at Steve. I could be wrong..she's been enabling Radnich and now somebody who won't is co anchor. The Cult's old guard is shaky.

Yet,I think its too soon for Pamela to be off putting with Steve Aveson. Its the change.

Still,the underlying problem? A very cushy situation for Radnich can never be cushy enough...stir until the new people hate him....and go back to my other posts...

Jackie Bennet inspired to leave asap,Diane Tuazon,Brian Manservant,Vanessa Balzac, and a Brittney looking to Shipp out asap...thats a lot of work to find and hire talent to see them just leave.