Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It only took three days for Gary Radnich to get mean. Steve is warned.

So,the situation was Radnich was complaining he had to cut away from Kerr ( like he really cared? He meant time from his own mug on camera) so that "Pammy" (first time he called her that on air,no compliment) can show a story about dogs...service dogs.  Radnich of course then went after the new guy for something he must have said during the break earlier,saying "Just warming up Steve".

You know,when Radnich was off the air...the four KRONERS were smiling,joking. Nobody put anybody down.

 Hey ain't the first. And if your rep that precedes you is accurate,you are NOT going to take shit and I predict any showdown is going to go you're way with HR and management.

Tell Radnich to wax the floor....