Sunday, May 1, 2016


Its a news station that tries to pass off poor reporting,writing and terrible camera work as "The station of personality's" LOL.  Worn out Darya,the Sport Director who doesn't go to games,Gary Radnich and he likes to abuse the anchor woman when he's on a bi polar mood,The traffic reporter who thinks she's the glamorous actress on Gilligan's Island- trapped with ugly dummies.
The prettiest face in bay area news, in men's green shirt and ugly oversized horn rimmed glasses(at least Zoe's are cute)...that will attract watchers!

Then you have Avery who never met a comb or brush she liked.  Its so oppressive to be happy Klown News, Marty Gonzalez forces himself to laugh at Radnich hijnx "Oh,that Gary".

I think they all wear Klown shoes and spitting flowers too. Because- repeat after me, "They are personality's"...not trained journalists.

Media General, largest Klown School in the country.