Monday, May 23, 2016

Let me guess. KRON has Monday pow wow. It got heated.

Hot enough and not enough to Steve Aveson's benefit that he either has left or they did the "Take the day off Steve". Not good at the madhouse known as KRON.  Where hitting a pregnant woman is sanctioned.
Brittney's taking the day off is no coincidence. Almost as bad as your brand new anchor taking a day off on day 6 of his KRON career.
Radnich really is baby Huey,the 600 pound spoiled Canary. With him,getting older means being even more infantile and selfish.

Diane Tuazon
Vanessa Balzac
Michelle Apon
Kate Scott
The Greenberg news guy
Dave Spahr
Britteny Shipp
Steve Aveson.
All in less then two years.

All of whom hate Gary Radnich..or just think he's loony and want no part of him.