Friday, May 6, 2016

Let's see. Best anchor pairings? I will tell.

1. Scott McGrew and Kris Sanchez. Nothing sappy between them. Like the way co workers should be. Natural talk.

2. Larry Beil and Alma Daetz. Are they married? Its like watching the happy couple who can say we are soulmates. They never step on each others toe's. Yet,they never brag about the other..again, natural. Funny back and forth's too off of Beil mostly.

3. Jessica Aguirre and Raj Matai. Ok,they don't have much in common. So what? A mature newscast.

4 .I like Liz Cook and Allan Martin.  Liz seems bright and level headed. No strange mannerisms or hairdo's. Martin is like the son of Van Amburg. Almost as personable as "Dad".

 That's about it. Heather and Ken Wayne were good. But,KTVU only paired them as fill ins. I tell ya- Ken is the spitting image/sound alike too of George Watson 20 years ago. Especially pre the botched eye job Ken had done.
Others are...fair. Terry McSweeney and whats her name Peggy Bunker..don't move any needles.
Gassia and Miback? Serviceable.  She's out of his league is the problem.
Honorable mention for Hackney and Goodrich. It sounds like they actually went to college. Graduated too.