Monday, May 23, 2016

Radnich milking Heenan video for sympathy. Not mentioning his Steve and Diane and Kate....

Oh,I'm soooo misunderstood,poor me.   Radnich has a ton of hard feelings he created,now falling back on "I was just playing" with Cathy.
He also is claiming he never holds what people say as a grudge LOL. Him? He's King of Never Forget and let them know it!

Of course brown nose medalist Joe Hues forgets Kate and Dibley..that was all a fantasy!  Does Joe have any self respect?

Radnich..who sounds a bit cowed because of his out of control behavior on KRON must have been told by management - settle down with the new guy or else. Hence,he's beating the Heenan thing as "An example" of why he's not an ass. Actually if that's his best example? Then he's beyond help.