Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Radnich reamed by the whole country. I was right. btw, Does sports straight and out...

He just did his babble,no glazed look,although he did try to get a zing in to Steve at one point about how the two can trade B.S.. The next show,he just did pure sports,no chit chat.

I know it wont last. I know that even though Aveson went along last night,taking the zing and not returning one- the only way Radnich likes it- Aveson with his history wont be doing that day after day..If he has to take them? He's going to get in his one liners with a bite every now and then in return.

btw Britteney? It sounded like when you said it was quiet on the set you could hear (Stan) me yelling? Funny too..I sure know what you mean.
wow,My first mention on TV.  I did hear a Raider drop my name once on radio.

Moving on up...