Thursday, May 19, 2016

Radnich warns Aveson "Dont call my bluff"..and "Stevie" better listen. Steve: We work while you drive the Bently.

The "Who's big dog, war" has begun.  Radnich already putting down Aveson for being friendly with Demo Oakland mayor Libby Schaff...who is sexy too.
Radnich..I WILL speak for Pamela. He embarrasses her when he pulls the " I was there in 82" on her.
Her answer of "That was long ago " is code for " I wont take you're side when you are wrong". He didn't take it well.
The zing of "We work while you drive" to Radnich from Aveson,I interpret as " The stooging is over. Its another era". Really,how many new talents will KRON lose because of Radnich? I think management is tired of that. Tiazon,Manservant,Shipp who is wary as of now..Plus Kate Scott at knbr.