Monday, May 16, 2016

Rod Brooks hates "Spoonman". I guess none of his friends are brown and red?

Speaking of KNBR,ratings, always its life.

But Brooks today went out of his way to say how he doesn't like the Soundgarden classic song. I think my title nailed it.

As for Fitz and Brooks? Once again if big business truly went by ratings.. F&B would have been cancelled long ago. But,the Warriors as a blogger revealed a few years ago pay for the F&B show to be on KNBR..and pay big money. Done it since the Chris Cohan days I imagine so that he could make sure company propaganda kept the heat off of all his inept ownership days. Lacob has kept it going.

Imagine hearing how "ratings" are corrupt KNBR, that idea is corrupted.

Man,the IRS has to look into Cumulus. They can't be honest about THAT either.