Friday, May 6, 2016

There isn't a sports host in the bay area I admire.

I can listen to some like Townsend,or Guru and 3 Amigos. The big Names? Radnich,Bruce,Papa? they should be put to sleep. Never innovate- just perpetuate the company line. Or,in Greg Papa's case perpetuate bestiality. What a gold star on his career huh?

Sports hosting as it should be is dead in the bay area. Nobody has anything to say original.

When I wrote Billy Beane was like a man who wanted out as GM?...I hit it on the head.

NOT ONE other sports person had thought like that.

Its all company line. You see what Papa is paid by Comcast? Why? he's irreplaceable?

No,because somebody with real talent might bring up Matt Cain and Peavy and contracts. Even Comcast knows that he's nothing to ratings. When Comcast dropped the Radnich show they made more money running infomercials about mops in his time slot. Same for Papa. The blond can do just as well- maybe better since the Papa-Saint back and forth is excruciatingly simple minded.
They pay Papa to be safe.

Joe Lacob changed everybody at GS who wasn't a puppet. Like talker Bob. He stayed. Listening to TBS or ABC announcers on the Warriors is pure fresh air, man.

And...they all are going to vote for Trump.  Scary puppets.