Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump with weird yellow hair,suntan booth raccoon eyes...and he says he's "real" ?

He's got his yellow Wolverine hairdo and again- where does he find tanning booths on the campaign trail?  Does he bring one with him?
Republicans have outdone themselves,making a fascist- and that is what he is- their representative.

He doesn't know what reality is..with the botoxed facelifted wife trying to look 20 at 50.

Just seeing the sea of faces behind him? One trick pony.

One more- he's huffing and puffing lately,looking tired and slow. Weak voice. I don't see presidential energy. He's not used to doing real work,long days.

Hillary is a virtual marathon woman compared to Trump,her voice strong and clear.

I know who will be the next President.