Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Warriors played sloppy ball.

Curry threw his loop passes...and Westbrook stole them and off to the races. Curry will never learn that is terrible fundamentals to try and pass like that in the NBA. His vanity trumps team. (trump the new hip phrase-wink wink)
The rest of the team just blew the big lead with more lazy passing. Draymond Green must have thought is was the OKC CYO they were playing with soft tosses.  OR like Livingston, went the other direction,just fire that ball with no touch at all from 4'.

Its been the weakest link of the team with the best NBA record in history.

I think OKC has played the Warriors enough to know- that was the worst they've seen Oakland play this year. They,also know it might be the last time the Warriors play like that this series.

One last...Lillard, now with Westbrook...can anybody - like Klay- at least stay close to those guys?. Maybe Kerr could try double teaming the hot hand just once?