Monday, May 16, 2016

Young Mexican punks...

I never get any flack from black or Asian,or Indian. But the biggest jerks around me are young Mexicans...spoiled young Mexicans. Born here,living up to the Damon Bruce stereotype for all Mexicans.
There's something in the sub-sub-subculture that worships being stupid. Hayward has so many of the young punks,I don't blame Police for cracking heads at all.

No respect for anything,animal or man. No guts to stand up to what their mouths and cars do. They run every time. EVERY time. Its brave to run is what they think.

The parents most of the time are normal. No bother,obey the law. One punk I see had his car taken from him by his Father. He was another who thought no speed limit was the right way to drive.

Motorcycle morons. Hayward PD has to bear down on them. They never obey any speed law..cross any lane they want. I can only think of ONCE seeing one getting a my home as I wrote a few months ago.

I know that most of these punks are visiting. If they lived here,shitting in their own bed wouldn't be done. But I know their friends that do live here..just as bad..but can't get away with it. Especially in broad daylight.

I'm  triple their age,doesn't matter. Means nothing. I know their mindset.