Thursday, June 30, 2016

Greatest bay area weather --ever. What a May-June.

In Hayward its been 80f more or less almost everyday. No socked in by fog after 3 warm days like in all other times of my life.
We've gotten more soucal like in my lifetime. 70 until midnight too.  This drought as an excuse so why so warm? The last 4-5 years have been our warmest ever. I wonder if this year will be Haywards warmest year ever in particular?
Last I checked? Over the last 20 months we've been average to above average and only one month below.
If you garden? Its almost like anything will grow here- and the rest of the inner bay area.

Go on YouTube and see a real honest to goodness Mango tree in Fremont- with fruits- in JANUARY.  THAT'S climate change.

KRON operating on the nobody here gives a damn level?

Thats what they put out.

Radnich "I never yell" oh does widdle Gary never get angwee?

What a load of bullshit.

Viki, Pamela, and GARY RADNICH in stiches. About what?

They were like three laugh buddys. About nothing. Not one thing they said was funny. Like they were all high and the viewer was not unfortunately. Yep,laugh buddyland. Have another snort.

KRON is sinking faster by the day. The round robin anchor of the day is now by the hour. Who is the anchor? Whoever shows up?

YouTube has no "flag for illegal content" do they?

They allow vids of how to destroy our parks with commercial Weed plots. They poison the water,rip out native foliage..destroy anything and everything.
You Tube does not allow nudity!...same thinking as 1957.

Viki Liviakis...again has trouble speaking. What's in that cup?

It was like last year when she started talking gibberish..not once,but 2 or 3 different days and times. Today..for no reason,just could not stop a sort of stutter. "You might have to rescue me" she said to Britt.
She has some problem. Not sure if its a speech impediment or substance fueled. Something.

Game time in Oakland? 75f. In San Francisco?..61F January degree's.

There should be a San Jose A's and a Fremont Giants.  Sharks in San Francisco with the 49ers.
Instead..look at politics and what it did to common sense.
At the very least the S.F. Giants should play night games under a dome. Since it never rains in summer or could be a simple lightweight dome. No need to shed snow- right?

Even the A's..could be under warm 85f degree boys of summer baseball. Preferably with an Apricot Orchard around the stadium.

I typed into BANG search "ugly dog"...and Garbine Muguruza articles came up.

Whatever that paper calls themselves now. I had posted a comment a couple of days ago on the ugly dog contest..wanted to see what came of it. Instead,the title happened.
How does that happen? She's far,far,far from ugly. She's very attractive. So why?

Gary Radnich laughs at idea Monte Poole would want to go to the Hamptons? How racist is that?

"They uh,wouldn't let him,uh what's he going to do stand by the pool in the sand?"

See,Monte is black...why would he want to go in the pool? He can't swim. Or if he did,wouldn't follow the rules (Red Cross ad.) Radnich might as well have added.

Radnich,the darling of big bizz. Except for sponsors.

When Gary Radnich calls you "friend" or even "loves you"? Run!

Its a matter of time before he uses you.

The rest of use get to watch it happen on TV.

Radnich to Viki Liviakis "Viki and I have been friends for years". Did she stay with his mother?

He just rolls on..minus sponsors,with being late.   Sure, Viki did the "I can take it laugh"..uknow SHE'S not Cathy.  Not yet.

Radnich see's he can rip her bf,her money..He will take it farther. Viki is no Diane,Steve,Britteny,Charlie,Dan,Kate,Dave,etc,etc?

Not yet.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Poole,Kawakami,Marcus rip Bogut?...Warriors want it known.

When they go after a player like I would? They are allowed by Lacob..he has ordained that Andy is open season for truth.
Andy has made it clear..just pay me and be glad I MIGHT show up.  Not a dedicated or fanatical mindset to play the game.

And who was the first to point out his obnoxious personality had taken over? Me.

Big money..just makes some ridiculous head cases out of players. Most of it results in no motivation to win. The worst kind of money malaise.

I could see it...I think Curry has it now too. No hunger in him . We saw that whole trot around. Curry as we saw is only motivated for the flashy play. Solid passing is passe to the guy. No,its got to be behind the back, between the legs,off the other guys head. So,his turnovers are equally ridiculous.

The Warriors rivets are popping...they are not San Antone. Not many teams are..but we hoped didnt we? Stick together?

Two more ...With Bogut the Warriors learned how good they could be with a quality center. Too much small ball is Don Nelson and Montaaaa Ellis. Yeesh.

Last? Get Durant and we are back to Champions. All the last month will be old forgotten news. Mostly.

Britteny Shipp now stays off the set when Radnich is on.

I wonder what he said to her that got her to make avoiding him that obvious? I will guess it involved " I Do what I want" and "30 years".   He saves the my big heart stuff for on air because he knows he wont get laughed at then.

Pleasanton young lady with butt cheeks hanging out of daisy dukes.

Once again,in the wealthiest community's and with the privileged young,tall,thin, can ogle like no other.
I've never seen that in Hayward. Even the hookers are more modest.

You know...they talk a good game of wholesomeness in wealthy areas. But I bet the cheating and sexual follies are rampant.

I left out..the low tank top. Back cleave, front cleavage,... all there.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Stan gets it right about black holes. You read it here first.

Did I or did I not say - the Universe might not be more then we think it is? And did I not say that I did not think black holes were gateways to other Universes? That I said they simply compact matter in a way we don't understand and that IF they had "punched a hole in the fabric of space time" why would black holes be different masses? That didn't make sense to me. A hole would be the limit for all.

Well,today's news points to a new theory catching on- bada bing- that black holes punch no holes,do not leave the Universe...they simply store matter in 2 dimensions...flat and holographic. Its why they grow..its all still there baby.

Same thing for dark energy...I suspect that a whole lot of the subatomic holographic world and quantum mechanics will explain away "wormholes and time travel" and other fantasy's we have.

Wait, and when I finish my Frosted Flakes I can draw you a picture....

Will media success go to Stan's head? God I hope so.

Why bite the hand when you are on a roll?  Even the punks around here are quieter. Yeah,I took action. It involved me singing Macho Man to a local badass biker who got on my nerves. Some fists were up also....
He hasn't been back.

Another conversation with a 5 year old. True.

Ah,I don't remember what she did. All I remember was that I thought it would be funny to me to act upset and tell her "YOU, are SOOooo immature." Hey,I figured at 5 she didn't even know what immature meant and of course at her age its a given.
Except,as soon as I got it out of my mouth, She turned and looked at me with a big frown,put her arms on her hips and let me know " I am NOT immature!"..then in a 5 year old huff,she grabbed her tablet and stormed out of the room..LOL.
I'm still chuckling.

Steve Aveson MIA after only a month at KRON.

He started on the Mayo of 26...and already is taking a week off?  He took a day off 6 days into the job thanks to Radnich. Or no thanks.
No fill tonight either. Just the way Pam wants it. Remember in High School she was voted most likely to harbor battery acid.

Damon Bruce on A's handlebar 'stache, "Like Catfish Hunter". Oh,man thats bad.

He confused Catfish Hunter with Rollie Fingers.

More of what runs local sports business radio. Bruce, formerly of KNBR will go against Tolbert and Lund formerly of the  95.7.
Sure you get a wide range of views. Whats the range of Fisher and Baer?

Alma Daetz has a creamy and smooth chest.

Not a mark or blemish.
Compare to her polar opposite-  Kathy Lee Gifford. KLG need to put those millions into fixing that. Its like those surface of Pluto photos.

There are no slums on the continent of Australia. I want to move...

Go ahead look it up..NO SLUMS in Australia. None. Some are not as wealthy as others..but even indigenous people live in clean quarters. A hell of lot better then termite traps that cover the USA.
Why? Is it because Australia is full of natural resources? They build the best electronics and automobiles? Australia is not overcrowded for one. If you need more room to be can find it.
I would guess the overall homogeny of Australia helps and that foreign workers tend to be skilled. A large input of Asians and Indians has not hurt.
Imagine that...everybody is paid a decent wage.

Funny- but since Australia is painted as a great place to move too? I decided to see if I could find images by typing in "Australian slums". Not one photo of Australia popped up on Google. Plenty of what I didn't ask,Rio,India,Africa,South America,etc.
Man, when I hit the lotto? Brisbane here I come. I sure as hell don't mean Brisbane here in the bay area..

Monday, June 27, 2016

Because of Gary Radnich ,Cathy Heenan is seeing a loss of income.

She no longer is KRON's no.1 fill in. Now,its Viki.

I warned Cathy..never trust Radnich. He's all about no.1 and would bite her hand off if she got between him and a dollar.

Then she got between him and a two bit, bit.

Radnich is shameless,and all other newbys at KRON better believe I know him down to his green heart.

He caused the problem- she gets pushed around. Radnich is such a low life.

KRON four exclusives? Did they pay for them?

Same for KGO interviewing the Super Cop Hooker.  I wonder.

No,you won't find people on the cover who look like YOU. The gall you have.

The real life, Those who are in power,those who created the standard of beauty..not wide nose in the entire sophisticated library. Big nostrils? shudder to think.
Only the finest of everything. Plus lots of snow. Let it snow...
You can always jet to Acapulco. Or spend a little to visit Africa. Feed the elephants Kigelia fruit on the savanna.
Also,please don't bother us. Go do your survival life elsewhere. Thank you.
Keep scrolling down to see what you are NOT. The nerve of you.

Bob Melvin has "Days are numbered" look on his face.

He knows,we all know..Managers are made to be fired. Losing makes it sooner. With the A's out of any contention going into July,I expect Melvin do some lineup shuffling and many  "We tried hard,never gave up" in defeat explanations to the media. Its a baseball tradition.
Its when those million dollar salary's come in handy.

Heather Holmes not too thin.

Maria Shriver- SHE's got eating issues. When a woman looks like a exoskeleton? THAT'S a problem.
I don't see anything wrong with Heather myself. Never heard her be rude even once. Even when the Applebomber deserved a zing.

Britteny Shipp is better looking than Beyonce.

I would pick the KRON woman if I had to choose. Or both if I didn't.

Chris Townsend: John Fisher attends A's games all the time. In disguise?

When Baer is at the's say "Hey Lare!" ..Fisher? Let me guess..he has ordered Comcast to NEVER show him or point him out at an A's game. Because,they haven't.
Look..he inherited his wealth. I thought he was the John Fisher of the Gap fame and it turned out THAT John Fisher is dead. His son has since Daddy died,bankrupted the Gap- when was the last time you ever saw a Gap commercial?..then turned the A's into MORE entitlement income.

Its the same way he turned Beane on to the "Moneyball" crap of lowball wages for players while owners have no limit to their income. Beane bought into it. Why the A's can never reach past a certain level..and most years the plan is to finish last.

To Fisher the art collector, the Art of the deal is to be born super wealthy and stay that way.

Once again,Larry Kruger saves the Raddy show.

You know Radnich wanted to spend at least an hour on the BET awards-maybe 3.  Something about Beyonce kicking water singing in the rain like,that Radnich thought was the greatest thing he ever saw.
Larry spared us. I give him that.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Martin Shkreli,one of America's stupidest businessman.

He ain't the first.  Like the company that charged the military $800 for a $8 hammer,and $50 for a sheet screw,Martin couldn't be smart and just overcharge..noooooo,he outed himself as some insecure self hating human being that he wanted the public and people to hate him. Stupid and insecure and mean. The type I avoid no matter how much edgemucation they have.  Educated doesn't always mean smart.
He pushed the idea that people were going without a miracle drug so he could buy a CD by a has- been hip hop group,or whatever they try to be. Stupid self hating move no.2

Good for Martin,He stamped himself a villain for the rest of his life. When he would have been just as wealthy and could have gotten a person or two to think he was a swell guy.

S.F Gate and Chronicle no longer give suspect descriptions.

A couple robbed at a park in Oakland. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

NBA salary cap: No cap on owners salary.

None on the PBP or the guys who run out and mop the floor.   Only the players have a cap.  Seems un American.
What I think? I think the caps protect ignorant owners from going under. If yer a crappy owner and dont spend? get out. If yer a stupid owner who overpays and goes bankrupt? get out!

If I want Durant?...get the hell out of my way.

Will Anne Makovic just get it over and marry Phil Matier?

In the years since she's been at KPIX..she just picked up so much of his mannerisms..Are they married? getting there? Sometimes she's more Phil,than Phil.
Sometimes anchor teams are blended like into one. Larry and Alma are another.

Driverless Cars...great for Drunks and crazy people. The end of road rage and car chases. I can hardly wait.

I don't mind never going over the speed limit if everybody else is doing the same. What I can't stand is our present system where its go slow and hold up everybody or the fast dude weaving in and out of lanes.
But..thinking of being too drunk to stand up...and still have yer own car take you home and right into the garage. Plus no emissions to poison you when you pass out in the car.

Also- what kind of car chase goes down freeways at 65? or even 55 in the slow lane?

People with phobia's and anxiety? phhht,not anymore. Just sit back and let the car take you up those steep SF hills,through tunnels, down 101 and steep cliffs. Eh,have a donut,take in the views. Relax.

I can,I mean those people,can hardly wait.

Lisa Argens little blue dress. Yes,she's all woman.

I've seen her in leather..nice. But,not like the blue dress. All those "Why don't they let them dress like they do on Telemundo?" prayers were answered. Yes,it was THAT  much more then the standard dress.

Idea's for topics when life throws you a loop..not easy.

I hit a life speedbump. I hate those. Sure,its part of life..I just hate the aggravation,the change to the comfort level. I like comfort zones. Their comfortable.
At least its summer. They can be near tragic in winter's gloom and doom even if they are not tragic one iota, Trisha Toy-ota.

Life is like..Thinking whats the next part on the car to wear out?...when its running fine.

Time to hitch up the old pants. For the 7,956 time in my life.

24 police,D.A.'s office men have sex with underage girl. "Still investigating". whaaa?

If they had been regular johns,there were would be mass arrests. Nobody cuffed still? wow.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Cathy Heenan still not on set with Radnich..KRON mix and match always leaves her out-now.

First it was - always put those two together for years. Now? Its have Steve come early rather then Cathy fill in when Radnich is in the studio. She will fill in when he's not there.
More of Perro and Radnich "Blame the victim" "Put the guilt on her". 'cause Gary Radnich is the resident oaf.

Not good when Viki Liviakis takes spritzer water in the face from Radnich and she smiles.

He took a poke at her being only nice to people on the air she's a different Viki- "Right?" said Radnich.  That's when she laughed and said "No"...then chuckled like Gary Radnich is just a kind hearted imp.
Once again...its Radnich puts down,and nobody but Darya gets to put him down..I mean tease.

Maybe its better for their sanity to work with the lout and his co conspirator wife on Fridays... He's REALLY a brave jack ass then... As they pretend its all just for laughs that puts them down,questions their morals.

Of course it follows a pattern..Raddy is brave to rip woman. He's always worried Steve might jab him though. Yeah,I know.

Warrior G.M. Bob Meyers says Curry "Was fatigued". It didnt sound truthful...

Meyers is a terrible liar.  I feel more then ever Curry is hiding something now. He looked drugged. If it walks like a drugged Duck and it shoots like a drugged Duck...

When I see young people of color commiting crimes on TV news stories?

I see visions of those same young people sitting all day in front of  TV watching hip hop vids of somebody who looks like them,talks like them,but not living like them. The TV baggy pants and finger gesturing people have the best cars,champagne,sexiest woman, and of course bling..lots and lots of bling.
So,we have a nation of 12-30 years old's who want what skilled labor,education and..fitting in gets you.
All they know is...No guilt of the criminal ways of achieving material gains if everybody you know is in that same gutter.

Its why violent video games are played by them day and night. Desensitized is right. Not one of them plays some Video game with a lesson. Not one. Those are in the little girl's tilted it is. America the violent.

The problem with public schools? They teach facts..they don't seem to teach right and wrong in a social way.

Its amazing you have to teach that. Parents don't seem to care.

Nope,they learn from Vids,to have all now? Just take it. Steal it.

Video and Record company's might be the worst business in the country. They are the trigger to Gun manufacturers.

Like Chris Rock might say,If you teach right and wrong at school,and make all types of Hip Hop lyrics in book form only? We would become a peaceful country. Punks of all colors don't read books.

Why does the Mercury give free advertising for Kawakami's podcast?

He wrote on his blog on the Merc about Kerr and his admitted blunders. But,Kawakami like a shiester- doesn't write what Kerr said,no,we have to go to his podcast.  Why?
Is that what Merc readers pay for?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A's right fielder Muncy reminds me of Lumpy of Leave it to Beaver.

Not fleet footed.

Ella Sogomonian. New KRON 4 anchor. YouTube has her resume. Times change.

She speaks four languages too. I guess being she's from Sogomonia that comes in handy. Previously worked in Yuma ..hottest spot short of Death Valley.  San Francisco summers must be depressing. That 58f SF had as a high a few days ago? Yuma never had a winters day under 60f.

I just missed Ellen trying to grope Heidi Klum yesterday.

I'm not a Ellen Show watcher.. and I was late to spot that,but I saw Heidi would be on. It was like 4:55. I see Ellen doing everything she could do bump into Heidi,lean on her and put an arm around her in the name of "comedy".
Heidi didn't mind.
Oh,what the first 55minutes must have been.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Republican block voting! The party of less government interference - INTERFERES WITH DEMOCRACY!.

Plus,they who trumpet the majority's will? Ignore 70% of Americans...and hell 100% of the world.

I don't know how ISIS could could have done any better to let Trump get this far. Hillary 47% to Trump's 42%???   Almost half of all voters see no problems with a con artist President?? wow.

Trump as President would be the start of something I would hate to live through.

Radnich to Lodes. Like a big talking Weasel to a talking Ferret.

What characters. They play way too much head games with viewers.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Radnich stole my post/idea!

This morning I posted on the eastbay paper sports online "If Kerr had played Mo more,and Barnes less,the Warriors would have had 6 more points and won". It might have been Kawakami or Warrior blog.

Radnich "Just think,if the Warriors had scored 5 more points,there would be no complaining"...

Let me intern read my post...didn't tell Radnich it was me as he re-told Raddy.  Right?..damn right! LOL.
100% TRUE

P.S...As soon as I posted this? Radnich stopped "his " brilliant observation.

Damon Bruce and guest marvel at what the Giants have done so far. No mention of Sabean.

No,I did not hear the whole half hour or so. Yet I never heard either mention Sabean or even give slightest hint alluding to the genius.

What did Sabean do to the local media? Stole their cat?  I mean,he gets no credit after tres World Series Wins. Joe Lacob with the smartest system in the history of the NBA ( He says!) can only win one title.
Senor Brian the Brain has not 1,not 2,but 3. and hunting for 4.

I'm impressed!

Cueto ahead 10-0. Remember when Zito coughed up a 9-0 lead? How do arms age?

On the road I was wondering..and thinking about Brian Wilson. I thought his comeback with the Dodgers was working out. Throwing in the 90's when within weeks he was no longer throwing- and out of baseball now.
What was the day it changed? What in his biology changed where he could not throw 90's where he wanted to?
I wish science could do every measurement of a pitcher's arm,all the muscle marked,every sinew known. All veins checked,bone muscle and bone density to the "T".  And mark the very day,something dipped below a threshold.
I'm just curious at knowing when Wilson could and couldn't. What day- science could say- he wasn't Wilson. No going back ever.

KTVU reports a raging "Fish Fire".

What? An all KTVU Girl's camp out and then..

C'mon, I had too.

KTVU graphics dept.really get bored don't they?

Kerr returned...the Warriors quality play went down.

Just the facts. He's not Old Don Nelson bad...but not great that's for sure.

Nobody can give Radnich compliments as well as he does himself!

In all the years that I have been watching and reading sports,listening to sports radio,I haven't heard anybody praise Radnich. I have heard from one former KNBR on air person or two,that Radnich was the guy who never went to games,and he lives like a bully. Oh,and the Yahoo sports guy who jokes that Radnich is still using his 1980 material.

Yet! listen to Radnich tell it...He's big hearted,handsome,great (choke!) family man, Church going, people can't stop themselves from telling him how great he is!...and of course when the local teams lose the big games? Raddy says he is the voice of reason-LOL.

Of course,its easy when you don't care who wins or even plays since Radnich is all about himself- right? WHY would it bother him?

Yesterday he sat back and just loved Cleveland and was so happy for that city. Its San Francisco and the bay area he doesn't give a damn about..LOL..

Monday, June 20, 2016

Radnich-again-portrays himself the "victim" of the Heenan-Radnich viral video.

"The great Lyndsey is our director and says You be you". That,my friends is the weasel once again slipping in his denial of ANY guilt. And- I will go to the internet every time he pulls that.

Also-- Grant Lodes is just scraping the bottom of internet skits with Radnich. I tell you,they sit around and think "This will fool them- WE are SO smart!".  KRON, just so myopically dysfunctional.
See,let me explain...He zings willing he can say about the Heenan fiasco and loss of any respect people might have had for him.."I do that to ALL my friends."  B.S. ask Darya.

Also,Raddy zinged Steve at 6:45...Pamela couldn't have laughed harder. Yeah,she's all class,choke,choke.

Steve? Its how they did in Diane Tuazon and a few others. Same tactics.

Lowell Cohn's Zone is now out to lunch?

Its got a new format. Looks like comment,never get an answer.  His was the last blog of a name that actually replied to readers. If you asked.
Here? Nobody asks!

Radnich does rainbows and candyland version of the Warriors. Gee, he and the girls agree!

And Gary saw a big gold unicorn ride in and save all the little dollar bills from drowning.

"My good heart  is never sad when the local teams lose. I think of all the snowcones and popcorn and then I go look at old family photos!".then he laughed giddily. " Pinch my cheek Daddy!"

Kron Hayward weather- fixed!

To give her benefit of the doubt? She could have been Tori Cambelled by malicious interns. Funny to them,makes her look bad.
See? I can be understanding.

Britteny Shipp sunk. Cant get a forecast right thats given to her!

"In 24 hours the high in Hayward 65f"  LOL..SF will be 71!

Oh why does she play with her charts to be wrong? You can guess.

Her and Radnich and the rest..whats wrong with kron, says the poet.

Once is a fluke..but I see poor old Hayward being given the Shipp too often by KRON. it interns?

Does Steph Curry have a drug habit?...strange stares,weird on court wanderings. I really wonder.

His on the court slow movements,his Robbie Benson being high (behind the back passes,between the legs,etc) and playing basketball like in that old movie, looks...I wonder. For his aches and pain,I wonder if he's Rush Limbaughing it?
It was like he was numb. Like (like,like like,I'm mad!) JaMarcus Russell who couldn't hang on to the football because he couldn't feel to grip-Mr.Tamborine man.

Curry's wild missing the rim shots.  Like the stoned friend on weekends playing with the guys. And you remember hating that guy...

I wonder what he was taking. I truly do.

Roz Gold on Currys behind the back pass "Shock in such an important moment"..

Close to exact quote. Even Damon Bruce has got it right.  Curry....something's wrong in his head. There was no thinking by Kerr either.
btw- Who has said Kerr is slow to call timeouts when the other team rolls for the last two years? ME. In case you forgot.
Kerr- had it right in the first half...then just sat dumbfounded and overwhelmed. I wish Walton could have fallen on Kerrs back..the only way to get real coaching in that 4th quarter.

The blame Game? sure,because they should have won.

Larry Kruger saves three hours of what would have been wretch.

Without Kruger pointing out the teams and coaches final game bungles in the jungle? We would have had 3 hours of Happy Gary and "It doesn't matter who wins as long as everybody has a good time!"..Motherly advice.
He did vomit up the "I'm fine,my family is fine" Mom's again...So what is it about sports he does care about?

Curry's behind the back pass? Like watching the new Tiger Woods..

Seeing Curry,scurry?  Shooting bricks?..Like Woods when he started his comeback. You remember the transcendent play they once reached a short time ago,seeing amateur like efforts of their present is hard to watch.
Behind the back to nobody with a minute to go. ugh. Selfish. Spoiled.

Kruger hit with truth serum on Warriors.

He got it right..all down the line. The stupid passing of Curry,the missed free throws..Festus not up to snuff in the smarts department. Kerr..bad changes. Once reason a 7 point lead dissolved so fast.
No,the Warriors played so little like the 73 win,27 wins in a row team,they can't say "The better team won"..They can only say "The other team won because we choked three games in a row".

Kicking and punching at the other teams player nuts..

Mason McDuffy sponsors mysogynist....must be underhanded company.

I would trust them as far as I can throw them. Anybody but them.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Butterfly effect...

" I will do what Draymond wants" thought Green and swatted James king nuts.

Well,no point explaining again the butterfly effect.

wow- still,Curry and Klay just vanished 3 games in a row.

Radnich: Cleveland was the better,blah,blah, and I root for the Dodgers,and Favre is better then Montana.

All quotes of our resident sport clown director. He never can get over his own ego can he?

Live by the Curry..and they died by the Curry.

I wouldn't say he stunk the last three games..but he wasn't a star. Jesus,if your not shooting great- at least bear down on the passing and dribbling. Curry went off into Curry world. Hot dog passes that I never like to see in an important game or time..he just La De Dahed over and over.
Cleveland didn't play a great 7th game...the Warriors after half time played bad. Like they could depend on house money as they did for games 5 and 6. They borrowed and spent it all by end of the game.
A great season killed by a Go-easy coach also. Kerr needed to call out Curry more. He sat him down in the series for those crappy passes...Curry would not listen.

On the positive side? Always next year. Unless you died.

Steph Currys fantasy that he's a ball handling wizard and passer kills the Warriors.

His horrid turnovers...the behind the back with one minute to go? Worse then the bricks he put up. It was there for the Warriors to take..and he just threw it away to satisfy his own ego.  A simple bounce pass..a Warrior bucket,and we win.
I've said it over and over..he's not a wizard...he got picked clean today again on between the legs.

Steph is a shooter. Blame Kerr that he cant get Curry to just be solid,shoot, and be conservative with the ball. Who's the coach?

Driveways are lethal.

The actor who had his car roll back on him?..steep or half steep driveways must kill everyday. I've had cars roll back on me over the many years of changing tires-oil- whatever. Have never had one with running engine roll back on me lucky enough.
I did have my genius dog knock the car out of gear...I also had my floormat stick to the gas pedal backing out. There I was riding the brakes and still moving.
Driveways must kill more people then anybody but me can imagine.

When I see those steep Frisco ones? Its a wonderment at how many stories never made the news. Too embarrassing. If you survive to tell.

KGO-7 Has "Countdown Show" to...the "Countdown Show" Must be a BIG game huh?

When they do the time clock on the pre-pre game show to the pregame show? Something momentous is brewing.....

Somebody give Curry a mix of Redbull and internet powdered caffiene.

His last quarter season stats...and mannerisms, and performance.  I've been waiting for the brave local sportswriter to break it down...the drop off...the distance between great games getting wider and wider.
None have.

Also,the Warriors early this year were kings of killing the other teams big early lead. Its been treading water on that in the playoffs. Good thing they had one last for OKC. Or bad thing..being last.

I predict Warriors in I did a half week ago.

I'm- a-nervous-tho. Beats me why the Warriors have handled LeBron no problems the last two he puts fear in them in two games?? I've seen Livingston get out of James way. Ridiculous.
With these two teams,its the first quarter.

Funny,Steve Aveson asks Radnich to predict,Radnich hesitated.

One thing Steve will learn..Radnich does not like to predict or call games. On his own barely,but underlings ask on air? Gets him angry.
Radnich answer?  He held his fingers an inch apart and said Warriors,then as his usual, played both sides with "But I wouldn't bet against the best player in the world,Lebron".

The last Mexican at KRON bites the dust. Marty Gonzales a gone Marty?

Two weekends in a row? Its hard to keep up with kron's weekend news when they run so many damn commercials.
It used to be I always watched Marty and Ysabel. The last couple of years..ch2 mostly because it was always a commercial break at kron or if Marty was there...soon a break.

That leaves the one third Latino bay area with no male Mexican American Anchors on any station. I'm having a hard time thinking of Mexican American male reporters...the local ND,do hire the cute woman and then stop.  Sort of like in dating,where white guys like to pick off the best looking Latins,Asian and black woman. They ignore the one's who look too "ethnic".

Reggie Aqui MIGHT be Latino. But,he could be Filipino. I am ambiguous on Reggie.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Can Warriors play like its life and death? Better,because thats how Clevebron will play.

That's the vibe now...Cleveland appreciates the Championship. The Warriors? Like get over it- we did it last year.
I'm taking the Warriors in a nail biter 7th.

But if they start out the 1st quarter badly?  I will have a total collapse of will to live.

Or, just sit down to milk and cookies. As always.

The A's!.........who are they?

Man,they might help to put both first and second names on the uniforms. Who played today that I know?

If I thought A's fans were to blame? I would say "Keep the Raiders,let the A's move".  But I know this has nothing to do with fans. Mark Davis is having some kind of Oedipus backlash against his father..cleaned out old time Raider management,now wants to move the team any place not Oakland.

The A's? They drew under all other ownership's who actually wanted fans. No tarps needed.
Lewis Wolff and John "The GAP made Daddy rich" Fisher are near the bottom of all time crap. Marge Schott level.

Its hard to like what doesn't like you.

How about that? Tim Lincecum whips the A's.

And,whipped them good.

Its hard to say he's back. But for the former Giant's icon,he's off to a good start.

"Be gone, homerus runus"

My thinking man's home run call. And make sure you say it poetically and calmly. Put a Eaton accent into it too. With a wave of your hand.

Lincecum...the future came early.

I thought the brass statue for ATT of mighty Tim would be up before I saw him as a comeback pitcher for another team. And a soucal team? Ugh.
He's not doing well in the velocity department. 90 just once..a 81 slow curve. THATS as slow as you can throw and it makes it to the plate.

Papa is a scary guy.

I never thought Vida Blue giggling would mean anything. But if some inside joke from Papa (or his bud Radnich) gets him going..I consider the source. And it ain't good. Smug? yes.

ps, I KNOW any non sports conversation with Papa is going to be filled with his ego.

I never thought either I would start to dislike Vida Blue after 40 years. But,I can now see why he had his personal problems if his Papa-Radnich conversations mean anything. His own worst enemy.

Yesterday was a F- the world day. I hate those.

It started early and kept thing after another where I had to take the F-U my son,attitude.
Getting older mean less of those thank god. It also means spotting them as they start. Bio rhythms can't be it. Mine had no influence on freeway crashes or closed alternate routes- right?
Then internet fights with another guy who thinks he knows everything and sits as self styled king of the website- that he's just a visitor to. I hate those guys. I go at them with facts..they just spin away.

I think the HBP was up a bit,the sugar level down a bit..the whole cosmic mix.

THEN, I end with watching a Steve Hawking science program on why we are here.  Turns out science thinks we all have not just our own Universe,but endless versions of us. That means you as a flea, or you locked in a prison for life. Think about that the next time you swat a fly,or surf past cnbc's prison shows. Steve has decided the meaning of your life is to live. Pretty positive for a man locked inside his body.

See?  I have a better today now.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Steve and Gary starring in "Who's playing Who?".

Uhuh. Best buds. Sure.  Mano e Mano head games. One day it will shift. Always does with unsponsored Radnich.

95.7 Descent into hate comedy.

Its been building since Papa lost his wife and his mind. Bruce- you can hear the hate he has for the bay area just leaking out of his pores.
The anti Asian jokes,the Papa anti gay humor. Bruce known world wide for misogyny. Yep,I bet his new gyn is gone in three years or less...but I digress.

It now comes with sly evil laughs and giggles and screeching.

Greg Papa is just diiiiiiiieeng to do a screech and say "That's how SF liberals sound"..and the obligatory howls from flunkies in the room.

Papa,like Radnich thinks he's so above the rest he can slap people in their face...and they never know it. Yet, He's Greg Papa..outsmarted by Fitz for Christ's sake. But,he's sure he's wily!

Its a dark station at certain hours. Even when the sun shines.

Pam Moore gives harsh look to Radnich "joke".

"I better not make a mistake or Stevie will work you over Pam"..she never smiled.

What was that all about? That's Raddie last night at 10 telling Stevie and Media General HE CALLS THE SHOTS...still.
Moore..her true self is out. If her and Radnich hadn't rubbed people wrong the last two years KRON wouldn't have paid a nickel to bring Steve in.

I wonder if she's angry money to give her a raise...then Steve comes in making full anchor money from KRON.
I bet she's miffed.

Stan points out Warriors problems..

Without parroting the others "Splash Brothers drowning"..

First..Shaun Livingston was great all year...he cant make a 4 foot shot now,plays almost no defense. He watches players go by. Feet nailed to the floor. As soon as Kerr takes Curry out and Shaun in? the Warrior mo dissolves.

No passing..where is all that fancy pants passing around the perimeter from the Warriors? Its gone and replaced by schoolyard.  Klay has been horrible with shot selection. Yesterday he had an open lane to the basket.instead went backwards and threw up a prayer off balance 3. Missed.

Bad passing...When they do pass? Like they just took up the game. Bad passing in heavy traffic. Cleveland? One pass and dunk.

Its like nobody on the Warriors wants to get dirty hands. Effete play.

Where's Mo? He killed with his shooting the other teams in the playoffs...and we get Harrison- cant-hit- the -side -of -a - Barnes.  Whats Kerr thinking? I bet Walton would have gotten it right. I do.

One good thing? Getting on the refs..its just incredible that one game the Warriors had 2 FT's,while Clevebron had 21 at that same time.  Its been one sided all year...just worse now.

Slow.  The team is not rushing up and down the court all game. That's where the Warriors excelled all year..grind the other team down. Now? standing and watching...even when a Warrior does have a fast break? I see nobody following. Clevebron has had 3-4 teammates on the run.  We USED to do that.

We USED to do all the right we look tired and head down.

Have a Happy Sunday!

Lodes giving conflicting messages..Raddy the pal,Raddy the backstabber.

Lodes didn't like that Radnich said he wanted a rifle to shoot poor Grant when he talks too much.

So,at 8:45 Lodes and the news were talking about the price of Warrior tickets at $75,000.

Lodes then says "For that you can buy Gary's used Bentley".

Or less.

Curry-as said on this blog many times- molested with NO calls...Kerr FINALLY speaks up.

KNBR wont say it. Radnich is the ref apologist as we all know.

But Curry is chopped,hacked,and even knocked down- no calls. As soon as he releases the ball also? Thats open season on Curry. I watch the refs-- their heads are conveniently following the ball as Curry's noggin is hammered.

Then,you have LeBron who will charge,walk, wack while whining...No calls. But if Lebron flops? Its an automatic call on the Warriors. Just breathe on LeBron is a foul.

The reason is ...Oakland.  The Raiders get the worst calls,phantom calls. That's it.  Curry would be averaging 50 points with the Nets or Knicks or Bulls.

I have said this all season. Kerr almost word for word took what I wrote- the NBA's MVP is cheated and treated like dirt. Toejam.

It wont change unless the Warriors continue to speak up.

Justine Waldman new hairdo?

I like it..unless it was just one day of something different.

 She's too young for that old hairdo she had. Made her look like she was ready to take the clothes down to the river and beat them with stones. Her hair was too thick unlayered.

Her hubbie is a flirty guy..bad mentoring from Raddy.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I called it to a "T". Warrior game as predicted.

The Stan with a it right on.  Radnich? Too much of a coward to make a call. Kawakami?  In Lacobs pocket tasting the lint. Or something. DOD,Ibanez? Papa?...yesterday's news they get wrong.

No,Only I ..Me,Stan. You read it here.

Radnich shows up for 8:45 sports 8:48. Cat and Mouse with Media General?

I haven't seen that ..ever. A sportscaster not being in on time to do the sports. Another Radnich first!

Ok,is Lodes part of KRON sports from the attic? Plus,Radnich "jokes" he wants to shoot Lodes with a rifle.

How stupid to put him half ass off the set and say what he see's on TV?  That's like the ultimate stupid man's remote report. Its like Garret Morris interpreting for the hard of hearing and deaf...he yells louder.
KRON gives you minute after minute of looking down at their dirty filthy and scratched to hell linoleum. Why?

Plus-How many times does Lodes wave at the camera? Hi Mom out of bad comedy 101..what that has to do with sports I dunno.

After all that..Radnich then acts like this whole idea is forced on him and tells Pamela Moore could he borrow a rifle? ( to shoot Grant who shouted out a Curry basket) and she mumbled about not liking guns..

Will Clevebron win tonight? I think so.

Its like the aura in the 7th OKC-Warrior game. Just no way our team was going to lose.

I would be shocked if Curry has a great game tonight. He's in a funk. Maybe the 7th he would bust out.

What I would hate to see? A big early hole for the Warriors. Game over.

Chris Townsend gets real...

I think the Asian man in a hat was an aberration for Townsend. THAT was more Papa the idiot.

Because,I heard Towny take on the Yahoo power structure. The same fawning pro ownership guests- Rod Brooks for one,and went on to say something like why are we promoting Papa's pre game show when 95.7 will have..something. I don't remember exactly..I was driving and they were tossing out mentions of the Copa and the like.
But somebody get real and take on Yahoo and even Papa?

A Stan salute.

Hoda -Cathy still blond only makeover. My next cause!

What a coincidence that since I brought it up? The last couple of makeover bits have been blond only.
I see Hoda is no radical.  She's almost blond herself.
This blog read coast to coast.

So I turn to Kate Cagle and....

I'm internetting yesterday and I have the TV on. So I hear Kate's voice and know,I turn to look at the TV.  What do I see? Emily Turner.
If Kate does become a huge hit? Emily can make a living as a Elvis,I mean Kate impersonator. Town to Town..A hunk of burning Kate love.

When non Baby Boomers write baby boomer internet articles... has a 15 things B.B.'s miss.   Well,one photo showed an old 1960's photo of a Swanson T.V. dinner and the caption "With the invention of the microwave,Americans could eat dinner fast".
Only,those old TV dinners were in Aluminum trays. Strictly oven cooking needed. Not too mention there were no Microwave ovens in the 50's- 60's.
I think when the writer dropped in on the Silly Putty mention, "I played with in the early 90's" I figured out he was no baby boomer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Grant Lodes : I would photograph Viki in the Nude.

Well,he didn't say it exactly like that. He did say he wants to be her photographer at a Dine and Dish segment done at some future nudie restaurant in San Francisco as in London. What the news story was about.

The ladies said the conversation was "getting weird". Oh yeah, men wanting to see nude woman- scandalous! I know -they had to say that to stay proper.

Grant is the ladies man...compliments to the KRON's beauties all the time.

Orlando killer now in Heaven with 57 virgin gay men.

He got his promised reward.

Kruger doubted the value of signing Cueto. Wrong A-Gain.

Just want to point out the second guessing of the genius of Sabean leaves another local sportshost in the dumpster with Damon Bruce....and others...


I think Clebron takes the Warriors down Thursday.

But in Oakland State? On Sunday in a  nail bite..what will make for the highest viewed game in NBA history.
I'm watching.

New immigrant Business owners learned about insurance and bizzs dont fail,they burn!

Its what I think. Seems the last few years a huge increase in those small malls where a life savings is going down to sluggish business...then- miraculous! a fire!.
When the ethnic mart was filled with bails of hay one Friday?..a tippoff!  ha!

Insurance is a great American capitalist invention.

EVERY culture has the low life',naturally this isn't all of them.. Or some call for restricting,etc,etc,..just my real world observation.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Dodge's go fast and ruin somebody's wedding commercial. That's all a Dodge is good for.

Rated LAST by Consumer Reports and others as worst made brand car. Worse then Fix it Again Tony,Fiat.
What a commercial... Brand new Dodges used as future demolition derby crap cars.

No wonder they hooked up with Richard "Lets turn an F-40 into a worthless kit car with monkey man improvements" Rawlings.

KPIX weather blowing every other channel off the map.

Love him or not,Deano does a great weathercast..and that detailed info creeps into Roberta's version.

Now if a channel were to hire a weather person who also has a degree in botany or horticulture our great gardening climate would shine...and get ratings.

Killer repressed self hating gay man.

I wondered about that. How many straight men can name one gay bar in town? Let alone know where it is and the layout?
He knew where the gay bathroom was..uhuh...

I like the Jake Peavey Band more then the Flannery band.

Jake rocks...Flann? not bad..just some kind of country MOR rock mix. Not my style unless its Eagles,CCR,Linda Ronstadt.
He ain't that.

More and Radnich and me...

See? What gets me is that for the last 1/3 of his career Radnich has not been part of the bay area I know. His pro ownership,anti union,pro FOX new-Republican,anti Asian,rants were not representative of the bay area.
What gets me? The more he got way out there? the more big business pushed him on to the public. TV,radio and then Cable TV.  All day with this anti bay area propaganda. Rip a player for the 50 mill contract...then say nothing that the pro team takes a 100 million tax credit. Or they claim that a roof garden with rows of 20 cent lettuce is worth a million dollar write off.

There has been no on air anti Radnich either. No balance. No other sportscaster will take him on..point out the stupidity of Favre is better than Montana. Bruce,has a something every other year..and only if Radnich tickles him the wrong way.

The same guy who rips Nancy Pelosi for example -speaker of the house- for having a no parking red curb in front of her home that anybody can park close to..has himself a commie style handicapped placard so he doesn't have to walk across a parking lot. Like a guy in a wheelchair.

Radnich: "The more they complain,the more I do it. Just stick it too them".  Ok,well that works both ways dun it?..

..and last but not least. Radnich posts are high views. I got my finger on a pulse you better believe it..

finally, finally? He's got his jobs so shut the hell up. He's lucky past woman and co workers haven't sued him and Media General.

ch 11's Kari Hall now smuggling the planet Jupiter.

Whoo..big baby.

Radnich thin skinned to social media.

What Radnich wont say about me? I have been right!...the whole USA saw something that wasn't even posted by me! just proved I'm right.
Well,he has changed his act...not many grudge story's,and KRON isolated him away from the woman and cut his time.
So,I guess by his standards he will say KRON is obsessed?

Hoda and Kathy should just give each other deep kisses.

The way they touch each other,the "play"  Kathy spanks on Hoda shaking her booty?..them two need to just do it.
We all know among the upper class there is a high degree of Lipstick Lesbianism.  Their both single too...

Pam Moore angry she's on the right? Man on left.

That's the way you show Male supremacy on the news..female anchor sits right.  Pam after a decade and a half of leading KRON suddenly now the deferential to the male anchor, Pamela. After years of backing down to Radnich...she's now the quiet in the middle grandma too.
That might bother her..

Are the Warriors on the ropes? Knocked out by a Butterfly?

You know the "Butterfly Wings Effect" is strong right now. Draymond's light gratuitous and pointless brushing of crotch...led to Cleveland not only winning,but the extra effort, fragile Andrew put out,caused him to be injured..and then the whole team fell into a post game funk now having to visit beautiful downtown Cleveland...
When,they could be hungover celebrating a repeat championship.

One stupid wave of Green's arm could bring down mighty Oakland State.

Draymond Green:Weiner Walloper,Snake Striker,Peen Pounder,Nut Knocker,Dink Dummier...

I got those from Cowherder.

I think the Crotchadile Hunter was the very best.  That would be mine of course!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Radnich trying too hard again.

The yoke on the guy by General Media has got him reaching for any "old days" of teasing anchors. Only in seconds now its over with.
Pam Moore is on strike..says almost nothing to NOBODY....

Curry continues late season slump.

He just fades away...LeBron stepped up his game...Curry?..just looked like a kid going against adults.Pretty much his last quarter season has been like that after last year and this first 3/4 seasons incendiary play.
Sure he's had some great games..but they have been further and further apart.
I should never have let out the Stan report.

So,who thinks Draymonds crotch compulsion is cute now? Anybody?

Uhuh,I was right. It cost the team the Championship now,today. The bird in Draymonds hand is now out of the bush.
Think about that one.

KRON weather lacks something..

Its good they do many weather reports..but they could break up the monotony of each being the same exact content. Borrow from KPIX, have some locals who have certified weather machines like.. "Jonas Salk in Fremont says its 82f at Irvington". 
Why not send El Britteny out into the suburbs for a remote every now and then? Maybe get her out of those uptight clothes and into something relaxing?

IF i designed a tennis shoe?..hee-hee-hee....

First it would have Fangs in front- Like a P-51 fighter plane of good old WW2 vintage.
Then a long red tongue in the middle...Like the Rolling Stones.

Shoelaces made to look like chains...rusty chains.

Maybe something that looks like a flipped bird at the back of shoe...tell's the other guy you left him far behind.

In any color you want as long as its black.

I got lots more ideas. Some,good.

How about this? When you score,yer shoes light up? chip hooked up to the NBA score machine= my idea works.
Maybe the soles light up in LED's and spell "In yer face!"..that would be sporting fun.

ch5 Noon News...2 people who couldnt care less about each other, in yer face.

I know all news readers are not BFF's.  Its just that ch5's noon pair have a wall between them. Obvious,man.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hayward PD has my permission to zap,taze,baton every biker and hot rodder in Hayward.

Funny but bikers think illegal is legal around here. Hayward PD needs to crack down, and crack heads open. They are waaaay to nice to those punks who ruin quality of life here.

They can't let the punk inflated ego ruin the streets. I'm telling you..those uneducated dolts would take Hayward back to the stone age. They are our native ISIS.

There is not enough ticketing around here. I don't know why...but I see and HEAR the results.

There goes the San Jose Parade.

It would have been nice to see if a little strange that a warm balmy city full of palm trees like San Jose is..would be celebrating being the best at some Arctic sport.
San Jose Zoo would have had to lend out the tame Moose and Caribou for kids to ride. Cheer for Polar Bear Thornton. Somebody to release biting black flies for that real Hockey in the far north feel.

San Jose best at Hockey. Not meant to be.

Now wait for the boys of summer- the A's to get down there...and wait,and

Curry designs tennis shoes as well as Michael Jackson.

Remember the 80's and L.A. Gear M.J. shoes? They were called "like boots". Funny but they look like today's shoes more or less...and its funny to see Curry's less is more shoes, roasted for being common looking.
They remind me of Nurses shoes. Maybe they give you a cute hat with every purchase...

Draymond suspended. One demerit and counting.

If the team loses Monday- on who's shoulders to blame? Green.  Its inexplicable that he would go after the most famous player in the NBA's family jewels after doing the same damn thing twice vs OKC's Adams.
I like Kerr's new angry coach thing..more fire. I don't like that he coddles Green. Instead of telling Green " I ain't buying what your selling" he went public and soft peddled for Draymond the molester.
Draymond's missing something upstairs. He says "I leave it all out on the court" No, he brings the weird-all of it- with him.

"Lebron stepped over him" say the apologists . Okay..and what about the other three times - including two swipes at James?

He got suspended for a reason.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bernie for Vice President! I predict!

Hey,I lead not follow.

Draymond Green another who plays cat and mouse with the higher ups.

Like a local sportscaster- u- no-who- Draymond Green is PUSHING it.  I can see one accidental crotch hit a season. Green is a regular Crotch Hunter, hands,feet,elbows...he wants crotch all day,all game.
If he's suspended and that leads the Warriors to fall in the Finals? That cements the Draymond is cancer on the team.
If it blow over? He's just Draymond the Crotchadile Hunter.

Long NBA season = almost as many playoff routs as close games.

That's the reason. Its making for peaks and valleys games from teams. Its ain't baseball where they just stand around.

Kate Cagle looking vivacious on her stations news.

It was startling to see her in a black lacy dress leading off for krons big story last night.

Radnich even mentioned her name. That pasty lech wishes...

If I was just a few short decades younger I would be hand making little heart shaped jewelry boxes with a surprise inside for her. Crazy huh?

I say still,she should be on 60 minutes and enough of the foreigners.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Steve Aveson's Tweet no longer @kron. Just Steve Aveson.

Is he leaving or taking his time updating his Tweetness? Or was it already like that?.

I remain in distrust of kron.

Aunty Pam Moore: Thank you Britteny!,then,turns and stares at the white guy...

No,"Take it away Steve!" She is doing Radnich. The ice. It even made Britteny Shipp uncomfortable.

That YouTube poster must have met Moore quite a few maybe a waitress? Moore to be in so tight with Radnich HAS to have it in her head she's better then the rest of us. Its why those two drive other KRON people out of the station.

Steve? You are not the first,and I would have a good lawyer if working conditions continue to be unfair...union or not.

Most interesting man in the world is now driving a Volvo Station Wagon that kills with hot blond chicks.

He's now a Middle Easterner with a Spanish accent,and two hybrid sons I suppose with the blond who could pass for an older daughter. Trump like.
Volvo ain't dumb. Dos X's dropped a sure fire winning campaign and Volvo said "We'll take him!"..then put him in a Wagon after some ethnic and religious  changes.

NEWS: Woman like men who can tell a story. Old News: Woman like men who listen and ask questions.

Ah,that's the secret. Tell a story while listening and asking questions.  Huh?

NBA's long season wearing down the Warriors.

When 4 out of 5 starters- Curry,Thompson,Green and Bogut all go into slumber mode as often as they have in the postseason? Maybe blame the unending NBA season. With the Warriors having shortest rest of all being last years champs.
Okay,the team isn't made up of marathon runners. San Antonio is the same team that won multiple crowns...but now they too can't last until the end. They too had a fantastic home record...yet,fell apart in the playoffs. Dead legs.
I don't remember The Bulls or Lakers playing into near July. Do you?

Pam Moore must think she and Steve Aveson are a temporary pairing?

She learned from Radnich..pout and give the silent treatment to the new Diane Tuazon until they feel so uncomfortable they leave.
Its kind of underhanded office politics. Something KRON does out in the open.


All those KNBR born and bred sports hosts are known nationally for one thing. Being stupid jerks.

That's the era of local sports radio. What I take a wizz on.

Time to change things. Time to sweep out the Papa's and Toms and Lunds and all the garbage shrilly screeching its stupidity.

Imagine that. Bay Area's "best" just rightfully laughed at as ignorant clowns by the USA.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pamela Moore putting 0% energy into the job.

She's just showing up. Then going home. Not a happy camper.

Stan had a heart to heart talk with Kap last week. Please,no need to thank me.

So I say to the guy "Sit down,you need to hear this"..he sits.  "Look,what's wrong with you? Your healthy,young,..all yer life ahead of you. You can be stupid and people still listen"...he sort of nodded.

"Let me tell you,look in the mirror. Yer one ugly sumbitch!..coyote ugly! Yet some of the most beautiful woman in the world throw themselves at you."  "Why? because yer Kap the Quarter-back. They don't care if you tattoo a photo of  Jim Harbaugh on your face!! are money in the bank."  Let me tell you I said, "Every time you do a pelvic thrust on top of a beauty?" "Think, Only a QB in the NFL who looks as much as a mangy donkey like I do is getting this."

By this time Kap was looking up at the ceiling,a smile starting to form on those Kap lips.

"Its football,a don't have to think hard" I sez. Kap's head was now going up and down. "Yeah,that's right, I was thinking too much"."Thinking always did get me in trouble" said Kap while pondering.

"Son,go out and enjoy the fantasy world you are in." I tell him.

"Dang Stan,You changed my life".

Que nada.

Local Dopes and parrots on Kevin Love.

He hasn't played great..but he has played well, 17 points,13 rebounds etc.  I also notice...he's now two years in a row been part of a finals team.
Cleveland could have let him walk this year.

Dummies are parrots.

Radnich says he "Never piles on if I cant be first" Spin and more spin from the spinnernich.

Sure,just as he said that "Donald Sterling was set up" opinion until the the tide changed his mind.

Most of the time he doesn't care enough to pile on.  He's only into himself.

Greg Pappy and Damon Bruce,95.7 's one- two punch of racism and garbage.

First Papa and Townsend were in stitches like hicks at the idea of an Asian American wearing a cowboy hat.  That got them off.  When Dibley teased it was happening in Buffalo? Papa- who's right wing came out loud and clear said "We don't allow that in Buffalo". Papa is a New Doper,I'm mean Yorker.
See? This is what happens when a radio station for the bay area has only Caucasians everywhere. You say racist things openly. I would say 100% that 95.7 did not even have an Asian intern within a mile of 95.7

Bruce? The big dope talks like he gets it right,but he always gets it wrong. That's his career.

If Bruce is what Indiana graduates? My dog should have a Ph.D from IU!..maybe a trained Hamster too.

I would bet you..if I sat down with Griggs,Cumulus and whatever junk company runs the 95.7 machine? Within 15 minutes,the bigotry would come out. Like now- I would only have to listen.

Imagine that!..Asians enjoying what is for white men only.

Papa will die when he finds out the Asian guys wife is a hot blond while Pappa spends his nights in a seedy bar..being his wife left him.  Good for her.

btw- I always say- these dopes don't like to read what I say..but they can't say I'm wrong.

Maybe Curry has no incentive. He's got it all already.

He's just jogging while the other teams guy is running. If Curry is fine,then he's ready to hang up this season.
Skipping the Olympics and how he's played since late in the a guy burnt out on basketball.
Great,another Lincecum.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Curry hurting or he's dead tired...a bit young for that.

His passing was horrible,lazy. His shooting was bad and had prayer written on it.

His head either hasnt been in the games or he's hurt.  He's also very slow. His whole game has been bad but for bursts. He's played very bad defense.
He's hurting.
I would ask Kerr, "IF Curry is not hurt,then why has he been so bad?"

bay area reporters wont ask that.

Steve Aveson has a weird moment.

8:24 pm.Aveson stops reading,looks down,sticks his tongue out like Gene Simmons of Kiss,and then flipped the bird while wiping his tongue. Somebody remind him he's on TV. No idea what that was about unless he got anchor woman hair in his mouth.

That's a new weird one from KRON.

Cooler, I liked the 80f.

If I was roofing? This is fine weather. But I ain't.  Brittney,Roberta,Bill, all letting me down.
What did I do to deserve this living hell of 72f?

Anybody notice how hard Tim Kawakami works to be on camera in the clubhouse..

He really goes for the angle that gets his mug on local news sports. Can't be an accident. He's even got a perpetual smirk on his face. "Get my good side boys!"..I can read him a mile away.

Greg Papa always have to be gross? What is wrong with Yahoo? airing garbage language.

He described a Cav player as doing the "Hand Jive" instead of playing hard defense. He's right there with Fitzgerald and his infamous "Jack off" that showed the rest of the country what dopes are in charge here.
I have been right about all these clowns, all along.

Gary Radnich RIPS his mothers friend Cathy Heenan LIVE !, TRUTH about Pam Moore..

Here it is.. Too bad its not the full version.

btw Read what the reader has to say about Pam Moore being a bitch.  I knew it.

Not to belabor a point..but,Warriors ready to pop the Champagne pre game tonight.

3 ,4 whats the difference?  Its just scrimmage time. Little Kylie Irving is too short for Klay or Shaun of the Court. LeBron? I wrote last year- he's not the player he used to be. Same this year. He cannot will his team to a win. He's not the clutch shooter- look at the brick 3 point shots he put up the last game- he needs to be.
He's one of the greatest..but right now,not what he was 3-4 years ago.

My present to the uh, good media:

Kee-yute huh?---

Just say "Baby Koala" and you know its going to be cute.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

More thoughts on the Heenan Radnich affair. So to speak.

Remember 3-4 years ago those two were always touching each other on TV?  I wasn't the only one to notice. It was "get a room you 2" vibe from viewers.
So,I'm wondering if  Radnich in between once tried to go farther then that?  ..and she said "No".

Radnich and his world famous ability to carry a grudge might have finally got the better of him May 23rd (or so).

Cathy Heenans quirky Tweet page.

She needs to Tweet more. She might not post much,but what she does is interesting. Her avatar is of those 50's mini cars. I forget the name. Its all over Google if you must know.
She's tall. One big filly.

Trump married his daughter. Anybody notice?

You would think his wife wouldn't make the whole incest looking thing so obvious.
Trump a liar,thief and crook. The Republican's picked a doozy. Paul Ryan,the Repub speaker today said he supported Trump for party unity even though he then said "Trump is racist". Oh,great.

A Will and Kate KRON anchor team would be my team to watch. Being honest.

I mentioned a clean slate,then it came to me. I would watch a Will and Kate anchor team. Knowing that I'm getting a real bay area reflection even if the powers ( as always) upstairs have a different think set.
Kron,as it is, is just a 747 stuffed full of baggage. Nobody at KRON is Vin Scully or Barbara Walters. No matter how long they have been there. They could have been,but one old fool at KRON thought it was all about him,and poisoned the water for all.

Radnich on a short leash at kron.

Its a short and to the point sportscast on KRON.  He's dropped the latest angry Radnich "Nobody tells me how to do sports"..the wandering babbling Radnich with glassy eyes- you know why,and for sure the put down the anchor, Radnich.
That last might be because Steve Aveson is there,but since Pamela Moore isn't warm to Steve? He might not care if Radnich returns to his favorite punching bag one day.
I swear,some days you can see Steve looking at Radnich like a psychology student would look at his first sad case.

Really,what the hell leverage does Gary Radnich have anymore? Who would hire him? Like Pamela Moore- where is there to go if Media General just wants a clean slate?

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kruger says "Horse racing,Baseball,and Boxing were the 70's sports" IDIOT!

He's said some stupid things. This is close to the top.   Raider? 49ers? NFL???..he heard of them?
Horse racing?..yeah sure.
He's such a gambling junkie..he now thinks its all about THAT.

Hey,You ever heard of that Namath guy?

Sunday, June 5, 2016

John Lund makes more at KNBR then every staff and producer put together. All he has to do is laugh.

Yeah,that's fair.

Warriors now smoking victory cigars,dividing up money for friends of the team!

The Janitor is a cool guy...Merry Christmas!

Bogut,adding another live Koala bear to his home zoo.

Draymond Green now can afford the app that deletes automatically any post he makes over 100mph.

In other words..this is a slam dunk a Series as ever.

Street near where Hayward policeman was murdered? Full of burned rubber tracks still.

I drove by there..and in a street intersection were tracks of dummy's. You know how trackers I.D. animal tracks? I can do the same for morons,idiots and scum.
Nice schools are nearby. Churches. New homes and nice small Craftsman. Yet,the stupid population under 25 is way out of proportion.  They are the ones with smiles in their cars. Drive in circles really fast- tossing fast food garbage out their cars,It makes them smile.  Seeing their garbage hits the streets is status.
Yeah,that area has a bad vibe.

Emily Turner..

I saw her on backstory on KRON.  Dang,she even sounds like Kate Cagle. Them two sort of have a Taylor Swift- Meghan Trainor as sisters thing going.

Baseball's worst contracts. Worse then Matt Cains even.

Its proof. You overpay,then the player has no incentive. Not many Lebrons out there. Still has a fire that money can't cool.
But its cooled plenty of others. Like Matt Cain...even Pablo. Zito was King Kool.

On the other hand? You have the A's who abuse fear of the big contract as an excuse to field a team of  MLB AAAA quality. And then hope one star results is loved by the fans quickly before he's traded two years later.

Kate Cagle answers my tweet. Sort of.

Its now cemented- she's KRON's best. Even KRON knows it as I see she is the lead reporter on the big story's. Even surviving the Justine smirk-lol. Yep,the old co worker jealousy thing. KRON on air peeps is lousy at playing poker....

Grant Lodes..extorted.

You know,I can see what he has to fight. Either he convinces himself he's a team player and does the crap Radnich wants out of him,or does he risk his job, his WIFES job,and becoming a journeymen anchor just as his family is starting out?
And that's why it even steams me more that Radnich laughed in his face about wanting to be paid for helping Radnich look good on Radnich time.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Radnich never wanted to meet Ali. So much for his overwrought speech.

All the times Ali came to the Bay Area since Radnich landed at KRON? Not one photo of the two.

I've heard enough of Radnich to know he DID NOT admire Ali and his radical ways or the entourage that followed Ali. No way right wing Raddy wanted any part of Muhammad Ali.

The only people he ever admired were the men who signed his checks.

And Sid Rosenberg.

Tweet colors. What do they mean?

I tried googling to see what red on tweet pages meant. Nothing but people like me asking what it means. I see Kate Cagle has a peach colored Tweet page. What does that mean?  Your tweets to her go into the round peach bin?

Kate Cagle's...joke?

She Tweeted (all true) "A Polish beekeeper is taking me to see killer bee's". I think I heard a  cymbal crash. See,a normal beekeeper takes her to honeybee's,the POLISH Not many old timey Polish jokes told these days.

Ah,just kidding you Kate.
And if you want me to apologize - I will! Just ask.

I never seen a team more confident of a sure thing Championship. Well,maybe the A's in 73.

This is like right in Cleveland's face. YOU CANT BEAT US. Even when we play bad.

Kerr at a concert DURING the series? Man,that's always AFTER you win-lol. He's taking bows now.

P.S. Damned if the A's didn't win. Huh...

Cumulus to soon start retaliation.

I feel for those guys. They watch Radnich fuck up his reputation,and no consequences...the working hands? They will starve to death and Cumulus wont care.
Lund will soon show up to flaunt his contract to them. "Hey fella's look at me!"

How many flat tires and paint scratches can management and talent get over the course of time? We will find out.

Power to the People,right on!

Mike Krukow not sounding healthy.

I was going to mention that a few days ago..then Mike was not on the broadcast yesterday. I think the two go together.
He's dedicated,no doubt about that.

Kate Cagle youtube vid.

I don't know if its really put up by her. But,its clean wholesome fun looking at her.

Somebody write that Radnich book. Steve? it would be a sure NY Times best seller. Use the screenshot on the cover.

The screenshot of Radnich and Heenan..front cover. No kidding. I bet if Aveson and Lieberman got together to write all the sordid stories all the hate from former anchors at KRON and KNBR. and leading to this months fiasco of Radnich behavior.

Already Aveson has something to fall back on if Radnich doesn't suck up to him like he does for Darya. Fear!

Hypocrite Pam Moore.

The woman who never once took a MLK day off...but would a few days later take off. Every year. Now I see she's painting herself as the great African American. She narrates specials. Paid for it no doubt.
I knew an African American Insurance exec who would always use a sick day on MLK day.  When of course it was not a holiday. So,I have to chortle at Pamela Moore's opinion of herself. Maybe two chortles.
I know people will say "Pam Moore is so sweet"..etc. But the proof is..I've seen her sit there and say nothing in defense of the people Radnich bashes. Even laugh. Sweet as battery acid. Steve Aveson is learning..

KRON does 10 O'clock news all on Ali. Guess who did all the talking?

It was all on what he thought of the great man. Minus the Computer generated fight.

And Moore is almost hostile with Aveson. He compliments her- no thank you's in return. She pouts too. He gets the lead..she sits back and steams.

One  more- Radnich couldn't pull out a single photo with him and Muhammad Ali. Not one.  See computer post and how he REALLY felt about the great man.

Gary Radnich and Muhammad Ali.

Just a reminder that Radnich "Presents" in the late 70's did a pay per view event that had a "Computer generated" fight between Ali and  Rocky Marciano.
In the end? Marciano knocked out Ali in the 14th round.LOL.

Now,Radnich knew the white hate for Muhammad Ali and wanted who were the customers- not black people- that paid to see this "event" to leave happy. So,it was fixed of course.

I'm surprised Radnich even brought this up on KRON last year. No,he did not mention who won. Skipped right over that-lol.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Holy Moly,I had a huge month in views. People hate Gary Radnich.

They hate the son of a bitch. I have new posts and old posts jumping in views.

The big man to lie and ban talk of the Heenan fiasco. Now pretending to be sincere. Even Pamela said "because you really care about the kids"..sly sarcasm that Raddy ignored. He's got people so steamed,everyday you hear something.

 But you notice? He's not the true big man to offer a heartfelt apology to somebody who he's known a quarter century and who also it seems to care for Radnich's own mother. That,he couldn't do.

Gary Radnich ..exploiting the kids. Again.

He's such a weasel. Gary Radnich is such low life scum.
Ah the power of DVD recorders to keep on that cockroach the spotlight.

I bet you: KRON is giving free advertising to Lexus.

No way Lexus ran back to KRON...KRON ran to Lexus and is giving them free "sponsorship". Radnich such an asshole. You think he would EVER tell you the real truth?

1050 commercial breaks go on and on and on and on right to Brian Copeland.

That's what happens. I start maybe with Ted Ramey...the breaks go on forever and my steering wheel only need me to tap a button to change channels. Copeland even touches on sports. Works for me.

Man, 1050 advertises like it has the comeback of Elvis and Prince all day. THAT,you would wait through the commercials for.

Pamela Moore not taking to co hosting.

Yeah,she has not said a word to the guy.  Her and Raddy playing victims...and they are...Of low ratings to their show.
Steve Aveson must not believe his terrible luck as the story's and days go by. Diane Tuazon. The weather guy who worked one day at KRON and quit. Raddy and Pete and Emerald and Wendy and Kate and Dan and Rich and whoever else had the bad luck to work with Radnich or know him.
 The way she's taken abuse from Radnich and never said a word. He used her like a punching bag and like an abuser tells everybody "I love her". The gall? He thinks HE has kept her employed.She,could have had him fired how many times? Like Cathy and worse...

All on the airwaves. I don't need a mole. They do the drama live for me to ..laugh,shake my head at. They get paid for that?

96 degrees.

About time for some ice tea. Its hot in Hayward. Go up the hill...I can see the bay. Might as well be across the ocean today.
A fan so far. Might run the air later.
So,its like this in Madagascar everyday you say?

No wonder we ain't got nun of them jump'in Raccoons here.

Steve Kerr's Sh*t eat'in grin. "What street does the parade start on?". Confident.

I was kind of shocked Kerr was so jubilant. None of that serious "Its only one win,we have to keep our concentration,yada yada yada".   With the intense coach stare.

Man,Kerr was honking the honkers,ready to put on the pointy New Years Hat.

There isn't a single other coach in the NBA who would have done that. None,not one.

No coach would think that much of their own team. Not even Popovich when San Antone had THE team.

The Warriors will announce they are measuring the players fingers for rings.

Nothing ryhmes with Orange?, like sponge?

Stupid commercial. Myth busted.

Megyn Kelly tells Gary Radnich "MAN UP!"

I found that quote and wanted to share. Hey,didn't I write here that Pamela has told him a few times he's a "Big Baby"? I do believe.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shipp says 69,WC says Hayward 78f. Feels plenty warm to me.

Once again,no effort to learn any of the local weather micro climates,giving useless data from the airport for a city's worth of people. She was way off on Fremont too.

I think she just wants to be Vanna Shipp. Glide around and point. The sub total of her effort.

Radnich and Lodes now Punch and Judy show.

Knowing Radnich,he loves overdoing it. Lodes? Agrees to be whipping boy or not sure isn't looking good to the public. So any high 5's he and Radnich do after the show is just being fools.

Radnich? Remember the 1960's movie Jerry Lewis did where he was a lady killer Mr. Cool? by being  an ass to woman? that's Raddy...rocking his head side to side,doing the snide smile. Mr.Lounge Lizard 2016.

Hey,it came to me. Radnich for you younger folks? Is the sportscasting Dick Cheney!

KRON 4 "We dont just break stories, we ARE stories!"

I notice they crow a little louder on the "we were first to tell you".  You cant top instantly made with Radnich around.

Keba Arnold steps forward and then steps back.

Mr Stan was watching today's Keba attire.  Okay,the short gray skirt- fine. Showed half thigh.

Then we get to the blouse. Keba's out there look- at- me- taste in clothes is going to slow up the old TV career. Today's blouse had sort of a Super Heroine type look. "Freeza" the gal that throws icicles?..due to the pattern.

I get she's an extrovert. She's the kind of gal that drives the lime green convertible Beetle. She got a deal on it I'm sure...

Photo of the classic Heenan eye roll applauded world over.

 I just thought a reminder of what has become world wide phenomena. Not a single harsh word for Heenan in all of this.
The world knows who the lout is doesn't it?

Another baddest cat on the block dies in Fremont.

I'm so tired of them...the los dummies. Spend their time on drugs,beer and violent video games. Bragging all day long...

One more note on Radnich -Lodes argument.

When all that ended? Pamela Moore looked down and shook her head.

She knows Radnich is tweaking the nose of Media General,playing cat and mouse with his job.

Last night? He did sports as tightly wrapped as a guy in a straight jacket.

Dave Spahr of KRON finds the eastbay...

I never thought a station would retaliate to a bloggers weather area. I got zapped!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

KRON drops Radnich commercials...but is running Cathy Heenan's PSA over and over.

That must steam the old guy. Cathy is the new face of KRON.

I dont think KRON likes me.

Good. They get what they deserve.
I never did get along with the stupid.

Britteny Shipp disses the East Bay..skips weather forecast from Richmond to Fremont. That bitch!

Hey,the next time Radnich says her brothers are sportcaster wannabe's? I will agree.

Gee,skipping the whole eastbay. How unprofessional. How KRON.

Gary Radnich getting unstable. Attacking everybody.

He's really going farther and farther out there. I would not doubt for a second he's done the "I don't need any of you, all can go to hell" tell off to the other personality's and staff.

Its getting ugly at KRON. Radnich bites farmhand Grant Lodes.

No intro to sports anymore.  Radnich apparently got miffed because Lodes wasn't ready to do a Shark report. When Lodes did decide he would help the Radnich bit? He gave a fast analysis..Radnich answered " I like you,but do you even KNOW what you're talking about?"..just as smarmy as can be. Lodes said "Yes. More shots is better then less"...then he got his dig in "Could we get a sponsor for this?"...Radnich- "You want to be paid for this?". Radnich,as he listened to Lodes ask for a sponsor? The camera caught him giving Lodes the evil death look..really,I watched it a few times,froze the frame. Yeah,Lodes is possibly dead meat.

You mean all that being on call to help Radnich look good..was free? He wasn't getting paid extra?

What the hell does Radnich do for free?

One more thing..Radnich knows as much about Hockey as me. Puck,Stick,Shultz and fighting.  Its only in the last 2-3 years he decided to be a Hockey fan. I'm sure you all remember when he said he didn't do Hockey talk because nobody cared.

Now, he rips Lodes who seems fed up with the whole kron sports scene. Can't blame him.

Brittney Shipp always waaaay off Hayward temps.

When she said it was 77f,I was cooking at 88f.  Once again,hayx temps. Where none of the city lives.
Today,not so far off..but mostly the whole summer,SF Weatherpeople get temps all wrong here to San Jose.
Its that they can't comprehend that while the GGB is socked in fog and don't have to go all the way to can be 80's, near 90 18 miles as the crow fly's to Hayville.

Petersondean to be Trumps vice prez.

With all the flag waving and red white and blue his company sells I figure Trump is his man.
You know whats funny about him trump-eting the old glory and American Made?  ALL the solar company's in California are American.
 There's no North Korean Solar company,no Mao Ze Dung panels of our great leader. Not even buy and get Cuban cigars Solar Companies.
But,he sells EAGLES! he tells you. Not even bald,but with Dan Ashley full head of hair....

Mercury-EB Times tech staff playing funny with my comments.

I pointed out in a Tim Kawakami post that, hey,Kerr taking out Klay when he's was hot cost the Warriors the game 4 loss. So,that sits.
Today I get the "replied to your comment". Guess what? those comments were placed or moved under a story of an officer killed by his son in law.
See? I say what I say openly. The other side? play games. They do things that are even kron and knbr doing their stalking.
It makes my point about the whole lot.

Radnich takes swipe at local media "A bunch of depressed people"

He cant say anything without a grudge. HE'S NOT going to the Warrior game to sit with reporters..noooo,he's going to sit on Joe Lacob's lap.
Hey,he should tell Warrior exec Jerry West why he wont sit in the pressbox.

Really a guy like Radnich? Shouldn't even be on air. What an embarrassment to Media General.