Friday, June 17, 2016

95.7 Descent into hate comedy.

Its been building since Papa lost his wife and his mind. Bruce- you can hear the hate he has for the bay area just leaking out of his pores.
The anti Asian jokes,the Papa anti gay humor. Bruce known world wide for misogyny. Yep,I bet his new gyn is gone in three years or less...but I digress.

It now comes with sly evil laughs and giggles and screeching.

Greg Papa is just diiiiiiiieeng to do a screech and say "That's how SF liberals sound"..and the obligatory howls from flunkies in the room.

Papa,like Radnich thinks he's so above the rest he can slap people in their face...and they never know it. Yet, He's Greg Papa..outsmarted by Fitz for Christ's sake. But,he's sure he's wily!

Its a dark station at certain hours. Even when the sun shines.