Monday, June 27, 2016

Chris Townsend: John Fisher attends A's games all the time. In disguise?

When Baer is at the's say "Hey Lare!" ..Fisher? Let me guess..he has ordered Comcast to NEVER show him or point him out at an A's game. Because,they haven't.
Look..he inherited his wealth. I thought he was the John Fisher of the Gap fame and it turned out THAT John Fisher is dead. His son has since Daddy died,bankrupted the Gap- when was the last time you ever saw a Gap commercial?..then turned the A's into MORE entitlement income.

Its the same way he turned Beane on to the "Moneyball" crap of lowball wages for players while owners have no limit to their income. Beane bought into it. Why the A's can never reach past a certain level..and most years the plan is to finish last.

To Fisher the art collector, the Art of the deal is to be born super wealthy and stay that way.