Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Cueto ahead 10-0. Remember when Zito coughed up a 9-0 lead? How do arms age?

On the road I was wondering..and thinking about Brian Wilson. I thought his comeback with the Dodgers was working out. Throwing in the 90's when within weeks he was no longer throwing- and out of baseball now.
What was the day it changed? What in his biology changed where he could not throw 90's where he wanted to?
I wish science could do every measurement of a pitcher's arm,all the muscle marked,every sinew known. All veins checked,bone muscle and bone density to the "T".  And mark the very day,something dipped below a threshold.
I'm just curious at knowing when Wilson could and couldn't. What day- science could say- he wasn't Wilson. No going back ever.