Friday, June 17, 2016

Curry-as said on this blog many times- molested with NO calls...Kerr FINALLY speaks up.

KNBR wont say it. Radnich is the ref apologist as we all know.

But Curry is chopped,hacked,and even knocked down- no calls. As soon as he releases the ball also? Thats open season on Curry. I watch the refs-- their heads are conveniently following the ball as Curry's noggin is hammered.

Then,you have LeBron who will charge,walk, wack while whining...No calls. But if Lebron flops? Its an automatic call on the Warriors. Just breathe on LeBron is a foul.

The reason is ...Oakland.  The Raiders get the worst calls,phantom calls. That's it.  Curry would be averaging 50 points with the Nets or Knicks or Bulls.

I have said this all season. Kerr almost word for word took what I wrote- the NBA's MVP is cheated and treated like dirt. Toejam.

It wont change unless the Warriors continue to speak up.