Sunday, June 12, 2016

Draymond suspended. One demerit and counting.

If the team loses Monday- on who's shoulders to blame? Green.  Its inexplicable that he would go after the most famous player in the NBA's family jewels after doing the same damn thing twice vs OKC's Adams.
I like Kerr's new angry coach thing..more fire. I don't like that he coddles Green. Instead of telling Green " I ain't buying what your selling" he went public and soft peddled for Draymond the molester.
Draymond's missing something upstairs. He says "I leave it all out on the court" No, he brings the weird-all of it- with him.

"Lebron stepped over him" say the apologists . Okay..and what about the other three times - including two swipes at James?

He got suspended for a reason.