Thursday, June 9, 2016

Greg Pappy and Damon Bruce,95.7 's one- two punch of racism and garbage.

First Papa and Townsend were in stitches like hicks at the idea of an Asian American wearing a cowboy hat.  That got them off.  When Dibley teased it was happening in Buffalo? Papa- who's right wing came out loud and clear said "We don't allow that in Buffalo". Papa is a New Doper,I'm mean Yorker.
See? This is what happens when a radio station for the bay area has only Caucasians everywhere. You say racist things openly. I would say 100% that 95.7 did not even have an Asian intern within a mile of 95.7

Bruce? The big dope talks like he gets it right,but he always gets it wrong. That's his career.

If Bruce is what Indiana graduates? My dog should have a Ph.D from IU!..maybe a trained Hamster too.

I would bet you..if I sat down with Griggs,Cumulus and whatever junk company runs the 95.7 machine? Within 15 minutes,the bigotry would come out. Like now- I would only have to listen.

Imagine that!..Asians enjoying what is for white men only.

Papa will die when he finds out the Asian guys wife is a hot blond while Pappa spends his nights in a seedy bar..being his wife left him.  Good for her.

btw- I always say- these dopes don't like to read what I say..but they can't say I'm wrong.