Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Its getting ugly at KRON. Radnich bites farmhand Grant Lodes.

No intro to sports anymore.  Radnich apparently got miffed because Lodes wasn't ready to do a Shark report. When Lodes did decide he would help the Radnich bit? He gave a fast analysis..Radnich answered " I like you,but do you even KNOW what you're talking about?"..just as smarmy as can be. Lodes said "Yes. More shots is better then less"...then he got his dig in "Could we get a sponsor for this?"...Radnich- "You want to be paid for this?". Radnich,as he listened to Lodes ask for a sponsor? The camera caught him giving Lodes the evil death look..really,I watched it a few times,froze the frame. Yeah,Lodes is possibly dead meat.

You mean all that being on call to help Radnich look good..was free? He wasn't getting paid extra?

What the hell does Radnich do for free?

One more thing..Radnich knows as much about Hockey as me. Puck,Stick,Shultz and fighting.  Its only in the last 2-3 years he decided to be a Hockey fan. I'm sure you all remember when he said he didn't do Hockey talk because nobody cared.

Now, he rips Lodes who seems fed up with the whole kron sports scene. Can't blame him.