Sunday, June 19, 2016

Live by the Curry..and they died by the Curry.

I wouldn't say he stunk the last three games..but he wasn't a star. Jesus,if your not shooting great- at least bear down on the passing and dribbling. Curry went off into Curry world. Hot dog passes that I never like to see in an important game or time..he just La De Dahed over and over.
Cleveland didn't play a great 7th game...the Warriors after half time played bad. Like they could depend on house money as they did for games 5 and 6. They borrowed and spent it all by end of the game.
A great season killed by a Go-easy coach also. Kerr needed to call out Curry more. He sat him down in the series for those crappy passes...Curry would not listen.

On the positive side? Always next year. Unless you died.