Sunday, June 26, 2016

Martin Shkreli,one of America's stupidest businessman.

He ain't the first.  Like the company that charged the military $800 for a $8 hammer,and $50 for a sheet screw,Martin couldn't be smart and just overcharge..noooooo,he outed himself as some insecure self hating human being that he wanted the public and people to hate him. Stupid and insecure and mean. The type I avoid no matter how much edgemucation they have.  Educated doesn't always mean smart.
He pushed the idea that people were going without a miracle drug so he could buy a CD by a has- been hip hop group,or whatever they try to be. Stupid self hating move no.2

Good for Martin,He stamped himself a villain for the rest of his life. When he would have been just as wealthy and could have gotten a person or two to think he was a swell guy.