Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More and Radnich and me...

See? What gets me is that for the last 1/3 of his career Radnich has not been part of the bay area I know. His pro ownership,anti union,pro FOX new-Republican,anti Asian,rants were not representative of the bay area.
What gets me? The more he got way out there? the more big business pushed him on to the public. TV,radio and then Cable TV.  All day with this anti bay area propaganda. Rip a player for the 50 mill contract...then say nothing that the pro team takes a 100 million tax credit. Or they claim that a roof garden with rows of 20 cent lettuce is worth a million dollar write off.

There has been no on air anti Radnich either. No balance. No other sportscaster will take him on..point out the stupidity of Favre is better than Montana. Bruce,has a something every other year..and only if Radnich tickles him the wrong way.

The same guy who rips Nancy Pelosi for example -speaker of the house- for having a no parking red curb in front of her home that anybody can park close to..has himself a commie style handicapped placard so he doesn't have to walk across a parking lot. Like a guy in a wheelchair.

Radnich: "The more they complain,the more I do it. Just stick it too them".  Ok,well that works both ways dun it?..

..and last but not least. Radnich posts are high views. I got my finger on a pulse you better believe it..

finally, finally? He's got his jobs so shut the hell up. He's lucky past woman and co workers haven't sued him and Media General.