Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nobody can give Radnich compliments as well as he does himself!

In all the years that I have been watching and reading sports,listening to sports radio,I haven't heard anybody praise Radnich. I have heard from one former KNBR on air person or two,that Radnich was the guy who never went to games,and he lives like a bully. Oh,and the Yahoo sports guy who jokes that Radnich is still using his 1980 material.

Yet!..to listen to Radnich tell it...He's big hearted,handsome,great (choke!) family man, Church going, people can't stop themselves from telling him how great he is!...and of course when the local teams lose the big games? Raddy says he is the voice of reason-LOL.

Of course,its easy when you don't care who wins or even plays since Radnich is all about himself- right? WHY would it bother him?

Yesterday he sat back and just loved Cleveland and was so happy for that city. Its San Francisco and the bay area he doesn't give a damn about..LOL..