Friday, June 24, 2016

Not good when Viki Liviakis takes spritzer water in the face from Radnich and she smiles.

He took a poke at her being only nice to people on the air she's a different Viki- "Right?" said Radnich.  That's when she laughed and said "No"...then chuckled like Gary Radnich is just a kind hearted imp.
Once again...its Radnich puts down,and nobody but Darya gets to put him down..I mean tease.

Maybe its better for their sanity to work with the lout and his co conspirator wife on Fridays... He's REALLY a brave jack ass then... As they pretend its all just for laughs that puts them down,questions their morals.

Of course it follows a pattern..Raddy is brave to rip woman. He's always worried Steve might jab him though. Yeah,I know.