Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ok,is Lodes part of KRON sports from the attic? Plus,Radnich "jokes" he wants to shoot Lodes with a rifle.

How stupid to put him half ass off the set and say what he see's on TV?  That's like the ultimate stupid man's remote report. Its like Garret Morris interpreting for the hard of hearing and deaf...he yells louder.
KRON gives you minute after minute of looking down at their dirty filthy and scratched to hell linoleum. Why?

Plus-How many times does Lodes wave at the camera? Hi Mom out of bad comedy 101..what that has to do with sports I dunno.

After all that..Radnich then acts like this whole idea is forced on him and tells Pamela Moore could he borrow a rifle? ( to shoot Grant who shouted out a Curry basket) and she mumbled about not liking guns..